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here is a good question

I've been told lots of times that I should take antidepressants.

So there lie the question why should I take pills without a diagnosis?

I mean you would not take painkiller without have some kind of pain or put on a plaster where there is no wound.

So if the doctors are saying I have no mental problems then why should I take pills for something I don't have.

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May be you need a mood stabilizer if your not diagnosed with a mental health issues your equilibrium might be out of wack some anti depressants do this for you


I suppose it depends on who is recommending them. You might have a friend who takes antidepressants, has found them beneficial, and sees many of their own depressive traits in you. Sometimes I look at people who swear blind they're not depressed, yet they ooze depressive symptoms. If it was someone I knew well enough to have such a conversation, I might ask them if they've ever considered medication.

People (even doctors) have different ways of diagnosing depression and one person's 'diagnosis' might well not match that of another. At my GP practice, there is one doctor who, having been depressed herself, is so switched on to the symptoms a person might present with. However the other GP will tell people to 'get a grip and join the gym' So in theory a person with low mood could attend an appointment with only a 50% chane of being diagnosed as depressed.

I suppose the key to the right treatment for you lies in how you are feeling. Forget diagnosis or lack of them, do you think you are depressed? Presumably a life that's not as happy as it used to be brought you to this forum in the first place, so something must be amiss?

I've had times of feeling very confused. Have my tablets stopped working or am I more depressed? Am I cured or have I just been remembering to take my meds? Am I depressed or is it anxiety? Is counselling effective when you feel worse for a week afterwards? It's a crazy world when you suffer any mental illness. For me it's a case of trying to be rational and recognising what's right for me. Not what it says on a website or what the GP says, but how I feel compared to a week ago, or a month, or a year.

I try not to see depression as a 'mental problem' I think that brings with it a certain fear and reluctance to accept. For me, depression is a set of feelings that I need help managing.

I do hope you manage to find some sensible answers to your predicament.

Lucy :)


A great response Lucy, I agree with everything you have written. Suex


Hello again Macgyver, you have said you find it hard to communicate so I hope you can see that people are interested in helping you on here.

What do you feel about antidepressants or whether you are ill or not? That is something for you to have a think about, maybe not to reply on here, but just to start thinking about what it is that you need and how people can help you the best.

I feel that maybe you are feeling very unhappy or distressed in yourself but are untrusting of people maybe as you may be worried what their motives are, and that you may be trying to test out if we are genuine people that you can trust.

You have said in your profile that you watch endless amounts of TV most of the time on your own. You say you are "happy" that way but other times in your posts and also in your very profile you have implied that you are desperate. I am guessing that you are not feeling ok and that you know this, but are worried how much you are able to tell other people about it.

My advice if there is anyone at all that you trust then I would start by talking to them about it .Sometimes there is no-one in the outside world that we trust enough yet so this is a good place to express yourself and hopefully get some help.

Gemmalouise :)



Generally, the GP looks for pathways and signs into mental health. so He looks for signs and markers that lead him to conclude your problem. and set up a treatment plan.

Generally they will try and stabilize you over a given time,if you do not show a means of recovery they will send you to a CPN for possible talking treatments.

Generally further appointments at a certain point may need to be undertaken. Do not think that they will keep a hold of you for no reason, the cost of mental health treatments can be costly in time and effort

Believe me they will never treat someone who they feel has nothing wrong with them. 25 years ago I went through 6 years of treatment, like you I questioned if I needed treatment,they proved it to me in no uncertain terms.

Good luck



Most antidepressants are also used to treat anxiety and other related orders as anxiety and depression can often be quite closely linked.

What anti-depressants have you been recommended/prescribed - and was it/were they prescribed by a GP or some other health practioner? When were they prescribed and what if anything was said to you when they were prescribed?

Most painkillers actually work in a lot of ways - aspirin for instance is used to treat heart attacks so not necessarily pain - and some people also take it in small dosages to help with build up of calcium and bones. However, they are drugs and need to be used properly.


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