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Well court went shit today trying explain a mental illness knowing your being looked down at like your a nut case :(


Well my partners still locked away n kids don't av daddy home for Xmas or if the judge gets his way till my baby's are teenagers and don't remember or have memories made with him :((((( cannot stop crying can't control my anxiety pfft!!

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Really sorry to hear this.

Please try to remember that, although you may feel responsible for what has happened, it isn't your fault - it's everything else that has gone wrong.

Even if you didn't have depression you would probably still be feeling totally anxious and not be able to stop crying. Under the circumstances that is quite natural.

Sorry that the court experience was so bad but you did get through it and you have done all you can.

The past isn't something we can undo - only go on into the future and if a wrong has been done do our best to put it right.

There is the appeals process that your partner will, I hope be able to follow.

Feel for you.

Xxxxx it's back next month in court then trial next yr it's like a bad dream :( jus want my family back xxxx

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Well, at least it wasn't the actual trial though it is really bad news that your partner is having to spend his life remanded in custody. He should have visiting rights but you probably don't want to think about that, because it isn't really the same thing as him being able to be with his children but he would be able to see them.

On one level you do still have most of your family though it has changed and dealing with the change can be really difficult.

But do remember that you are a strong person - particuarly when it comes to looking after your boys - and, despite all the rubbish, you will find the strength within you to keep going on - human beings can be so amazing at times - and this forum is there for you when you get to those moments where you just feel like you have to give up and can't go on any more.

Thinking about you

Thank you so much I keep sitting outside church in car but feel daft going in iv never turned to god before unsure if he exists some times coz there's so much bad in the world feel awful to go in like I'm just using and have nothing to give back..! Ye my boys are my life there beautiful and amazing I'm so great full that's there's nothing wrong with them and they want for nothing and know there loved makes me feel like I'm doing ok seeing them laughing n playing not a care in the world xxxx thank you x

Don't know if you went into the church - hope you did and it was a place of rest for a while.

Anyway, here is a joke for you.

A man is looking back across his life and the footprints he has left in the sand. Usually there are 2 sets where God has been walking beside him but occasionally there only appears to be one set - and these seem to be the periods where things were toughest and he was struggling - so he turns to God and asks him. "What's the story with the periods when there is only one set of footprints? Did you abandon me." God turns to him and replies. "I never abandoned you. It's just that sometimes you were so down and I thought that may be hoping for a while might lift your mood."

That is the sort of God I can relate to.



I think what you are feeling are totally natural responses to the stress you are under. I don't have any magic answers, because there aren't any, so all you can do is to take as good a care of yourself and your kids as you are able to and allow time to pass.

My thoughts are with you.


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