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This has been a big black dog week. Have felt rubbish all week and have not been at work. Just want to sleep, could sleep the clock round. Just feel run down and no energy at all. Had to force myself to go out today and I needed some food essentials. Took me till after 3pm to get the momentum up to go and get what I needed. Must try and go out tomorrow and get back on the rails again

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  • Hi Sheila I know just how you feel because I was like that for almost six months! I couldn't sleep properly and I only ate so i didn't take my anti- ds on an empty stomach. I reached a point where I thought I'd never be well again! Luckily I managed to get through it and I think it has made me a stronger person and I have resolved never to let myself get so down again I had to force myself to do even the smallest chore, but now I always have a plan to do something each day and it works for me. I even have days off ha! So keep on keeping on you will get better!!

  • Sounds like your suffering SAD seasonal effective disorder, get one off ebay. as in winter the sun value isnt as bright and our bodys suffer. all the symptoms as you describe!!

  • Hello BOB here

    It is a problem that many of us suffer from all I can suggest is plan your day and stick to it. Are you seeing the CPN at the moment or do you feel you need too talk to someone to settle you, Have you anyone that you can talk to or a friend or partner who could push you.into going out.

    You can get special lights that can lift moods, they are sometimes fitted to alarm clocks and in the morning, are supposed to lift mood before you get up and prepare you for the day.

    Where we has been a bright sunny day so my wife pushed me to work in the garden, I suppose it was good for me and prevented me sitting around all day grumbling.

    Now I suppose I am fortunate that I am married and have someone to push me too do things, Now I play war at times although in a way She sees me depressed and pushes me along the way

    Good luck,keep a hold


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