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Feeling really exhausted - though the garden does look a lot tidier - not that you could really notice at the moment because it is dark.

Bit sad that didn't manage to see the boyfriend in the last couple of days but probably good that he is taking it easy and recovering and so not totally unexpected.

Just been for a short evening run - after a couple of days in shoes felt good to be back in trainers - find they give my left foot so much more support and help the balance compared to shoes - has been the case since breaking the ankle 11 months ago - but I'll be back in the shoes again this evening as it's the bowls club dinner. Suspect I'll fall asleep in my soup but never mind.

For those of you who haven't come across it an ARRRFPuddle is one of those puddles that contains a puddle monster who spits water all over you feet and up your leg when you accidentally interact with the puddle - the monsters really like paving stones not that we have any paving stones so it was a bit of a surprise to hit one on the run though given that it's dark and I was slightly off my normal rut because of a parked car it's probably to be expected. Not sure how long the trainers will take to dry out but they've been dowsed in athletes foot powder so should be safe for tomorrow morning's run ... hit a few arrrfpuddles down the moonlit hedgerows but not as vicious as the first and at that point the damage was done, and mindfulness had kicked into action almost immediately after the first attack - so didn't stop me enjoying the additional sense of balance from being back in trainers ... or the sensation of the blood pumping and being out in the open.

Hope you all manage to avoid the ARRRFPuddles this weekend.

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Ha ha @ the AAAARFPuddles! I live on a busy main road and if you're unlucky enough to meet a puddle and a passing lorry at the same time, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to your entire outfit!

Sorry you haven't had chance to spend time with your boyfriend, but think how lovely it will be when you do! X


This really made me smile! Those monster puddles are on the rise lately :D


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