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Some examples of Mindfulness

Here are some examples of how I used mindfulness yesterday.

I was sitting talking with a friend and we looked out of the window at the leaves on the trees - I was aware of the thought 'Oh dear - that means winter will soon be here with all those long nights'. In the past I would probably have followed that train of thought into SADness but instead I told myself to be present in this moment and enjoy the sunlight because that was what was going on now.

When I went for my morning run there were a couple of people walking dogs - they are usually very good about getting them out of the way - and this one owner really tried - telling two of his dogs that were a little ahead of him to get out of the way - but they just didn't listen and instead they moved even more into the way - though I managed to avoid tripping over them. I could have got cross at the dog-owner for not taking firmer action and his dogs for being stupid but instead I chose to be present and enjoy the moment and be amused by the futility of the dog-owners efforts - a gentle laugh which I hope also put the dog owner at ease.

Note: Anger for me, like most others, tends to end up being turned inwards - and it's also something that I find it very difficult to calm down from.

Hope you all have good days.

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That is what I try to do and see a good side to things. Doesn't always work but I try. have a good day. Julie


Thanks for this. Very positive thought. Im sat here looking at the rain and getting anxious about a small operation in day surgery I have later. I am looking at the positive things like im in the warm now and the op. Is only minor.



That is really interesting Gambit. I wasn't sure what mindfulness was before but from the way you describe it I do it quite a lot without realising it. For example when my mum was dying I was having a fag in the garden of her care home. I remember feeling a sense of calm and freeze framing the feeling and my surroundings. I was totally in the present and it felt wonderful. Maybe living in the present enables us to build good memories? Visual and feeling memories as well as physical ones. Thank you for posting that.

Bev x


Glad that you recognise mindfulness as something that you can achieve. I think the secret is that the present moment is really all we have and yet we so often fail to enjoy it because we spend all our time fretting about the past or the future - like sleep-walking through our lives.


That's so useful for me to read, as it is what my counsellor has told me to explore. Can you share some more please? X


Will try - sorry has taken so long to get back - major bit of work that has just been a total distraction for the last few days - frequently aware that I wasn't actually managing to be in the present moment because I was fretting about something to do with work. Managed to get the last bit of the puzzle for the moment done today so should be able to relax a bit next week ... though I'll probably have to spend the time running to catch up with all the things that got away at the end of last week. All of this is an example of failing to be mindful ... though I am enjoying being aware of just how much I'm not quite making it - nice to be human :)


great reaction from you! I never go out unless its in an Ambulance nowadays! (am on too many meds lol how I wish I could go on the Downs and just feel the wind in my har and watch the birds foxes etc etc , but being unable to walk now its difficult that and agoraphobia really stimmies my options! Enjoy the freedom of being able to be pesterd by dogs and humans lol


Yesterday I reflected that it's quite amazing how dogs usually take their owners for walks at about the same time each day :)


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