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5 Weeks and Really Happy!!!

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I just wanted to check-in on all of my Health Unlocked friends and say a big "Hi" since it has been almost 5 weeks since I last posted on here and since I started my new job but I am still IN my new job and still loving it.

It has taken for me to go through 3 previous jobs before getting to this one and now I can at last believe what everyone on here told me (about how the right one would come along when it was supposed to) but when you are in a position of hopelessness, you dont believe it when folk say this to you.

I am working with some wonderful people and have already made new friends. The work is very hard but very rewarding and I am learning new things every day. The difference between learning in this job and learning in my last position is that I didnt enjoy being in the last position whereas now..?? I actually cannot wait to get there in the morning.

I have already had my first wage and it is so good to be earning a pay that actually reflects the work I am doing. It has all finally fallen into place.

I hope it is OK for me to continue to post on here but I am really grateful to everyone who listened to me when I was at my lowest and thought there would never be anymore "good tomorrows".. Half of the time I honestly dont know where I would have been had it not been for my friends on here. You were the people I would speak to last thing at night and the people I would reach out to first thing in the morning and you kept me going. (And I have never forgotten that!)...

I hope you are all OK.

Lots of love!!


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Hi Theresa, it's really great to hear from you and to know that things are going so well for you. Thank you so much for posting :)

I have often thought about you over the past few weeks and wondered how it was going and had assumed that no news was good news, which it was, I am so pleased to know.

It's so lovely of you to stay in contact and let us all know how it it going on.

Love and hugs to you my friend, Gemma xxxx

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Theresa I'm so happy to read your post. I've been wondering how you were getting on, and like Gemma, hoped that no news is good news. Well done and I hope things continue on the same path for you.

Lorraine xxxx

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So so happy for you Theresa....you totally deserve this happiness. I hope you treated yourself to something nice with your first salary..and I hope you continue enjoying this job for many more years to come.

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En1234 in reply to Poorna66

Ahh. Lovely to hear from you Poorni. And I hope you are OK too. I am really enjoying my job and (6 weeks now) and still learning new things. I have nearly 15 years legal experience behind me but to look at me in this new office you would never know. Some days I am totally on the ball and other days I feel as though they must have been drunk when they gave ME the job!! LOL!! I know that is only to be expected. There are a few girls in there who have been there now for months and are still trying to find their feet. They say it takes about a full year before you truly know what you doing and fully settled in. I am so glad though that things have changed because when I get low, its really low and really hard to get back up but the looking and trying and persevering has paid off. I will continue to keep you posted as I dont want to lose my Health Unlocked Friends, who saw me through many a dark period!!

Thank you so much for your message. It was a nice surprise tonight!!

You take care!!

Lots of love

Theresa XXXXX

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Poorna66 in reply to En1234

I can't think of anyone better they could have hired for this job :). I really admire your attitude and perseverance so much. You take care too, and yes, please do keep us all posted.

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