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Some strategies- one of my biggest struggles


Hi all!

I hope you’ve had a blessed and relaxing weekend!

One of my biggest struggles (and others on this board as well) is appreciating the moment.

What are some ways each of you appreciates the moment your in?

How do you tell anxiety to “give it a rest”, and appreciate what is in front of you. Meditation and prayer seem to help a lot. However I’ve gotten so used to feeling anxious or depressed through the years that it’s hard for me to shake. I’ve almost gotten used to feeling a certain way. So, when a nice moment or a moment of appreciation comes up, it almost feels uncomfortable.

I’m also here if anyone just wants to talk :-)

Thank you all and I hope to hear from you soon



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Hello and thank you Kevin for your inspirational and realistic words for the community.

I count every small positive thing as a bonus. Thank you.

Come on other members what is it that helps you through the bad times.

Regards and a Happier and healthier New Year to the whole community of members.

MAS Nurses.


Consider activities you enjoy, or I listen to music, and also appear on other sites.

One of the best ways is come on these sites especially when fed up and look at others problems, not only does relating to others problems help you do pick up on possible activities the perform to feel well, and relaxed.

Today I have been having problems with my spine, neck down my right arm into fingers so I treat accordingly and look towards my activities to take my mind of my Chronic Pain.

Today I have been watching TV, listening to music and reading, looking at pictures in my books. The TV is covering various places we would love too visit. I would have been doing the garden, although I have problems with my arm and that has kept me in

What hobbies or diversions do you enjoy ?


Today has been good, I took my dog on a long walk somewhere we had never been so that was really nice. After that I spent about 6 hours painting. I’m an illustrator so that’s fairly normal but 6 hours with no break is crazy for me. I hadn’t been able to paint in a couple weeks since a hospital visit a few weeks ago so it was a great feeling. Music ALWAYS helps! I’m glad to hear there are places you want to go, I feel like future plans help a lot with keeping yourself excited for every day :-)


Live for the day, the past has gone the future will look after itself.


What always helps me through is the knowledge that my depression will lift a bit and the bad times will be a lot easier in time. I tend to have mild depression which can flare up into very severe but like I said I know it will end soon and I will return to usual. If one day I don't - well.... x

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