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New Ink

New Ink

Had my new tat outline done yesterday, forgot how painful they are. He drew it all on by hand, no stencil. Cant wait to have it shaded.

its a cherry blossom tattoo as my nan and grandad had one in their garden and I always loved it and this is my tribute to them.

mu nan died a few years back so going to get one petal falling off for her....thn another on for my beautiful man. My 2 angels in the sky x

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Zoe looks gorgeous and a lovely way to remember them

Hugs to you



looks lovely, especially as it has a sentimental story aswell. I have my twins nickname "thomasina" tattooed in her handwriting on my arm. (she loved that film as a child) x

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That's gorgeous Zoe! How you took the pain though, I don't know! X


Very nice and you are commended for taking the pain!!! xx


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