Hello, I was just diagnosed with borderline personality disorder along with my diagnosis of anxiety and depression. I have been on an emotion rollercoaster my entire life, but until recently have felt confused. I have a sense of relieve having answers. I am on medications for anxiety and depression, but struggling with my bpd symptoms. I have started to notice that I can be manipulative and suspicious, which has put a strain on my relationships. I hate feeling this way and just want a "normal" life. I try really hard to manage my symptoms, but at times it is really hard. I have so much to be thankful for, but I still feel dissatisfied. I feel unhappy in my life and just need some prospective from others.

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  • What do you struggle with?

  • I struggle with my relationships the most. I am fully capable of loving someone, but for some reason I always have difficulty maintaining a healthy relationship. I grew up thinking that emotions were my weakness and not to share them.

  • I also have BPD. Everyday is a struggle and the emotions are so tiring.

    Hope you get the help and support you need.

    L x

  • Hi rrichardson, welcome to the forum. Please continue to post on the forum where other members will be along to offer their support. You are not alone and you may find that the Related Posts and the Pinned Posts [to the right of the screen] helpful. Best wishes.

  • Hi, I don't have bpd but do suffer from anxiety and depression. I'm now 66 years old, single through choice, and have been in three longterm relationships (the longest 16 years). I was the one who walked away from all of them, simply because I was unable to cope with the behaviour of my partners. I always felt it would be so much easier to be on my own, do what I wanted to do, have peace & quiet and not have to compromise and keep the other person happy all the time. Relationships in my opinion are not all they are cracked up to be. We do not know what happens behind closed doors - it's honestly not all honey and happiness. Even strangers in waiting rooms now talk to me complaining about their spouses!! It's best to endeavour to be at peace with yourself, treat yourself kindly, find past times, interests and hobbies that you can lose yourself in, enjoy and feel proud that you achieved something, albeit small. Good luck

  • I hate being alone. Although I am a christian and believe God is always with me I still struggle with feeling alone. I crave physical affection (not always intimate, just a partner) so not having that drives me into depression.

  • If you are a Christian, you could go to church; that is a social part of christianity. You are more likely to meet a lovely girl in that setting. People who do not have bpd get suspicious and jealous when in relationships. A good relationship is about utmost trust. Each partner should not do anything to make the other jealous or suspicious. For example when I was married for 16 years, I never spoke to a man (whether he was married or single) without my husband being with me. I am not particularly religious but I always thought it was being considerate to my husband. It would be best to meet a nice girl, start a friendship only with her, and learn whether she would treat you in a Christian manner.

  • Well, I am actually a woman so I would be getting into a relationship with a man.

  • Apologies,

  • That's okay.

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