how I feel this week

I feel upset, because I have been bullied and abused, for 15 years, for a long time I didn't even know, recently I have pulled myself together, I live in a dense area, people who have watched me grow up, are saying they are worried, and that they forgive me, others are covertly basically saying, yes the way you have been treated is abuse, what are you going to do about it,

the way I feel is I have stood up for myself to a load of bullies, a lot of them cant stand up for themselves, its so depressing, its these peoples aggression in the first place,

how do we feel about where we live?, what about West London?

I cant ever relate to anyone, its them and me, they are you have been bullied why are you cheerful?

Its sad for me because its the police and the doctors, they have deliberetly misled me, I feel blackmailed,

Its sad for me because I have lived here since I was a baby, and I deserve better from the police and NHS, the moral standards of people here is so low, its akin to a junior school,

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  • The people asking you what you are going to do about it. Do you feel that it's time to do something? It's ultimately your decision and you have to do things for your own reasons. That said, it's good that you have people who obviously care a lot about you. It's sad that you feel the NHS and police haven't fulfilled their duty of care towards you. Have you explored this through complaints procedures etc?

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