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Hello there I am aimee 17, I'm currently suffering with what I don't know what it is but it is controlling my life I honestly cannot stop it. I get these ridiculous mood swings and when they go bad they go really bad often thoughts of suicide and awful depression I can't get out of bed I just get awful thoughts in my mind sometimes they tell me if I don't do something the consequence will result in something bad happening to me... I just want to come to terms with what is actually wrong and how do I stop this from controlling my life I'm not normal. I'm either unbelievably happy or a ridiculous low what is this


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  • Hi Aimee , have you been to a Dr . to get a diagnosis ? you need to do that or otherwise nothing will change.

    Tell your Dr. Exactly what you have written here and I'm sure that will help. Teenage years can mean mood swings but feeling as bad as you do is not normal. So my advice is to see your GP and be guided by him on your options.


  • I agree. Your doctor should be the first port of call. You may then be referred if this has been going on for several weeks or longer.

    None of us are normal. We all have our own peculiarities.

  • Hey Aimee. Am in agreement with the other folks. You MUST go and see a Dr about this. If needed, you may need to see a psychiatrist.

    Diarise when you mood swings happen and what if anything precipates them so that a pattern can be determined.

  • As one who has suffered and struggled with a very similar problem for many years (before finding this site a few days ago after hitting a very low point) I would urge you to go to your GP and tell them what is happening.

    If you are anything like me, you feel so bad you want to escape, but before you can get help your mind improves so you don't go to the GP, but then eventually it always gets bad again. You plan to go to the GP, but then it improves yet again. Round and round it goes. Trust me, it never ends and if you don't go and get help it will ruin your life and get worse each time.

    I am currently doing this exact thing, finally.

  • Thank you for everyone's comments I saw my doctor today :)

  • Hi Aimee, did you feel that your doctor was able to help? Sometimes it can be hard to share how you really feel and some doctors are better than others at getting to the cause of the problem. Don't be fobbed off, make sure you get the help you really need.

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