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double standards

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women complain endlessly abut men..........they should walk a day in our shoes...........they can say and do antyhing ..............we have to be polite or we are scary..........

tired of the double standards and aggreissive women who eat us alive and then blame us

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Sorry that you are having problems with the women in your life. Your problems are not the experience of all men.

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of course........

agree- was a director- tried to be fair- women on staff ate me alive, same when comes to divorce........the system is stacked

wonderful women out there........bell shaped curve..know that........

but the crows dont make live pleasant and can be very difficutl and they can rip u and not much we can do about it.

just venting........


Yes yes. We hear women saying what a "Real man" is all the time. But if we say anything about a real woman there would be a lynch mob. As long as there are men willing to kiss their A$$ they will continue to think they "can do better" than us. It always makes me laugh when they find out they cannot do better! LOL

The real trick is to simply stop giving them our names. That is how they take us for everything. If a man tries to do that it is called identity theft. And he is thrown in jail for the crime.

We need to become male feminists and fight for their equal RESPONSIBILITIES! And get our brothers to insist their wives keep their real birth names for the sake of feminism. Ha Ha!

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i have coached riding for forty some years- 99 percent of those client are not be fair- that is a subset of women just as all genders, all horses are a range .....of horses or dogs or women or men............totally unfair to say all women or all men.....

i was in vet anesthesia- some fabulous vets to work with (men and women) some horrible.......(both genders) ........its not the gender its the p;erson....

however- just off of coming from academia and driven out by politics driven by contemptous ambitious (non men) that didnt care about the students..........

i had wonderful female instructors that i hired for my teaching staff as they were so kind and patient and correct.......and im protective of my students who are develoopng.....

the kind women and my profession are vulnerable to the mean ones.

u try to tell that o counselors .............and they say......but the world admires compassoin and kind peple.........

no offense cousleor- not in the equie world.............yes at the top- the ideal is very kind quiat riders but in the industry.........there are so many tough bossy people mean people both genders

and i have no place to vent but here

when men have a divorce..........its automatically the mans fault in our society and many (not all) women who unite and want to tar and feather the men............(primarily female activities.................NOT all women..........its the hyper liberated women are superior and women are destine to take over the world types that literally say that as they chew me up time an d time again................healed by the kind men and women)

i was

venting............................not saying alll women are bad.......

like saying all churches are all good or all bad.............

depends on the church , the school the people etc....

im saying............i get tired of the double standards

ive been eaten alive by agreesive acivitis women for abosolutely no reason............and what can a man do

my ex if she were a man- woudl be in prison for child abuse

i hear this from lots of men - nailed in divorces

some are **** dogs..............

but not everyone.............

i was just venting and tired of the crows as i call them in the riding being hard on students and the kind men and my programs

i get tired of people defending them and saying im wrong because i need to love all people and all that beautful thoughts but totall nonsense..........

i am very careful about who i hire...........either gender...........

i listen and watch how they teach techinically and their long term tone.........towards students and and public...

i dont have to be fair............or Pc..............mean instructors wont go near my students........and i wont hire them.........nor will i be forced to.....

some ridign instructors are meaner than sin-either genders.......

sometimes it seems the mean always win........

so i support the kind ones as im tired of venting

my experience in my life my circles...................not all ..........circles.

just venting...

how thankful i am to find the kind men and women who arent so tough or hard on people...........................

one mans opionon and exerience

just venting.

I absolutely agree that there are plenty evil of both genders. I do honestly get tired of women coming out of the woodwork to call out things that happened years ago. Not to say it didn't or those men don't deserve to be taken down. Nor that a woman didn't have the same ability to cry out 40 years ago then they do now. I'm not much of a fan of the "We" movement unless it's recent/current and not 40 years ago.

I can also say I've had some terrible experiences working for women. I'm male, despite the spelling of my first name (LOL!). I have worked for women who thought they needed to be mini-Hitler to be in charge of men, women who thought that it was appropriate to offer sex for whatever reason (nope, I didn't).

I respect women and have worked with many that I thought should be in a higher position then they were because they were intelligent and worked as hard as I did. Yes, we should be equal in pay and everything else.

I'm married and if I wanted to divorce, I think I'd have some pretty damn good reasons for it. I love my wife but over the last 4 years she has driven us into debt beyond what I can afford and she hasn't worked either. Through all of that she never maintained the house, meaning no cleaning, no cooking, no laundry, and no sex. All important things if she is not going to work and I am at work and miserable. We can barely afford our mortgage and we don't live in a fancy house in a beautiful neighborhood.

My experiences, while not all bad, puts men in a position that I will judge women on their own merit as I expect to be.

Talk about being down, depressed, anxious, and wanting to find a way out, and not just divorce.

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Brig57 in reply to metalminded

PTner on the same wavelength

Bear with me

Listen closely no insult intended

Ur not arguing gender

U need to go to a counselor

Ur presenting nit attacks but legit


Issues are not personal

And good counselor should balance both

Feel and know where I are

Talk here or counselor

I know where ur coming from

Not siding against


Money issues imetc

Ard legit issues

Ur not attacking or complaining

One cannot. Print mkney ur right etc


Here anytime

But clear nit against yur wife

Just the issues

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Brig57 in reply to metalminded

List the issues

Get a pro

Discuss with seasoned mRrital counselor.

They have heard this a billion times

If not objective keep searching

I’m here asan ear til then

We discussing issues

Not attacking yur wife

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Brig57 in reply to metalminded

Lots on yur plate Mkney is real stressor having been there and and partners need to

Say no

We must live in our means

That’s not attacking that’s life

Money is not a small well it should bother

It’s a major stressor how to cover all the house

Tons of redoonsbikites etc

U have legit

Issues within yur relationship

Issues are not attacks

All marriages can be befit fro

Tune up s as they say

Vent here to get things unloaded and easier to cope

Been there

Not taking sides

Discussing issues

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metalminded in reply to Brig57

Thank you! I agree, money is horrible. We are a two salary household and have been since we met. We've been married 16 years come next month. We have one 11 year old who is also challenged with anxiety and to a lesser extent depression.

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Brig57 in reply to metalminded

I never talked til I was twenty

Had to learn

Sure u know ur support and

He’ll grow out and mature with ur support

Sure u know that

Feel and relate

Ur not wrong

I currently see a psychiatrist because of depression, which I could not resolve via a psychologist or counselor. I have talked about these issues with him.

I don't desire a divorce but I also need her to be a part of the team. I have done laundry, dishes, cleaning, plus the exterior is all mine (grass, snow, etc.).

We both contribute to our debt but it is lopsided in that most is hers.

She has complaints with pain and is seeing several doctors to help with that.

I realize it isn't a gender issue for certain; it is our issue.

I was simply illustrating the inequality in our relationship. I'm 100% behind women working, being successful, and having their own career.

And, I do love her and don't want a divorce. I want her to get the help she's seeking to help her out of pain and I'm ok if she ends up on SSD, which is what she's been trying to do. Until that though, she won't work because she doesn't want to take the chance of that hurting getting on SSD.

I think that's plain wrong, that has been her plan over the last year, rather than trying to work, which she could probably find something remote considering the circumstances the world has been in for the last year.

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Brig57 in reply to metalminded


U must

Vent like steam


Must with buddies etc ish

Ud dknit fir me

Air it out shake it out

Ud tell me

Brig fir god sake dint bottle it up. Spill the beans Etc

Ur right

U must find receptive ear

Deflates and takes the pressure of the steam pit

Been there

Get it

Never had someone in my corner

Would have made big difference

That automatically wrong

Which is wrong

Like the United nations

Each has their issues and time

Partner great jib

I know it’s complicated

Ur doing great not trying to sound patronizing. Been there

Thank you. Yes, it does feel good to get it out. I probably should find a counselor too as the psych is every 3 months.

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Brig57 in reply to metalminded

My standards

I’m not a patient. Period

I’m the client

I keep a pink slip in my pocket

If that person is abusive or bad listener

I fire them right there

I’m not thre patient which is child parent

I havd more experience than they do

I’m the client

It’s my show my life

Those aren’t rules learned very hard way

Trust ur instincts

Consumer beeare ask around

Find out their hidden agendas

They ain’t god just a n ear

Never give away yur authority it’s yur life not theirs

Sound like a level headed problem solver

Discussions clear despite complexity able to see many or all sides

Ur clear in yur discussion

Depression is repressed anger or frustration not judging. I’m there to and human abs sure old news and why good to havd friends to talk to. HRc to find for us men

Other than waitresses or bartenders

U strike me as level headed



Lot on yur plate and legit


And normalmRital discussions


U know

I’m talking level. Not down to u

This is a marathon

Once we reduce some of the pressure

Know and have faith in u

Nit worried once u find right ear

Overwhelming fir anyone

Even surgeons vent to other surgeons

Takes time to find right one

I’m just the temp. Bridge

Before u find the right dentist so to speak

Who doesn’t need to vent

So many have and stu help me vent

Passing it along

Nothing negative implied

Others been saving grace for me

Doubt they realize that

I agree buddy women nowadays have inflated egos due to the constant attention they get, and their ability to hook up with good looking guys never a relationship they only get hookups. Basically women think that hookups define their value women have it the easiest.

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