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Unidentified small white itchy bumps even morning when I wake up. Bug bites or skin reaction ?

Unidentified small white itchy bumps even morning when I wake up. Bug bites or skin reaction ?

I wake up every day -every. single. day- with small itchy white bumps on my body

They definitely look like mosquito bites and they are always isolated if I have several, so I doubt it could be bed bugs

The thing is, I get them only when I'm near my bed and just after I woke up. That's why I thought they were bug bites

But the weird thing is that I sleep at two different houses and I always have them

I may have brought the bugs from one house to the other, but in both houses I'm the only one who gets them

My sheets have been thoroughly washed and vacuumed, and we even sprayed insecticide in my room but I still have them

That's why I also think it could be a skin reaction

Another thing : they usually disappear in an hour or so

I got one this evening while laying on my bed, and it grew. The photo was taken 20 minutes after I noticed a small bite the size of a ballpoint pen's point

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Does not look like a bite, it looks more like something is irritating your skin. If you sleep using your arm as a pillow like I do, your facial hair might be causing this.


Thanks, but the one I took a photo of appeared even though I was not sleeping


Looks like it’s maybe an allergy to something? You could try taking an antihistimine before you go asleep and see if that works.


I'll try it thanks


Well, it can be both really. Bug bites would last longer than an hour, which makes me think it could be an allergic reaction to it. On the other hand an allergic reaction would not be restricted to one "bump" as it would usually cover a larger area of affected skin.

You could be allergic to the fabric, or the the detergent but you would get those as well just by wearing clothes that were washed in the same detergent. Do you have a history of allergies in your family and what is your age if I may ask?

As for the only one getting them, it is unlikely but it can happen that you "smell" and "taste" the most to the bugs, happens with mosquitoes. Most of the time, unless the mattress is chemically treated beforehand, spraying your room with insecticides won't do anything as they are hidden deep in the mattress and won't be affected by it. Only thing you can do is throw them away and get new ones. But that is the case if it is confirmed that they are bugs.

Do those pumps have a little dried blood on it? An indication of it being bites would be a little blood residue, it would be a miniature dot, scab on the "skin pillows".

It is really difficult to tell coz it looks like it could be both but it sounds like it could be neither if you get me xD.


Thanks for your detailed answer

I agree with you, it's weird that it only affects limited areas

And what do you mean it could be neither ? Like not a bite nor a skin reaction ?

I really have no clue whats going under my skin haha

Also, I am 17


Well puberty is a time during which allergies can surface so it is a possibility.

By both and neither I mean you both show signs that it could be either bugs or allergies but also signs that show that it would be odd if it were either as you have some signs that show that don't make sense if it was one or the other. For example, bumps are a sign of bugs but you lack the redness and tiny scabs that would indicate a "bite". So it is more likely an allergic reaction, but that would be wider spread if it is a reaction to the fabric that you sleep in, or the detergent that is used while washing, but I assume that same detergent is used for washing your clothes so if it were your detergent, your clothes would cause this as well.

Can you take the cover off of your mattress and check the inside? Also try to look closely with a magnifying glass onto your linen (bed sheets) if you find any dead bugs there that could be an indication as well.

is there any food or drink that you have before you go to sleep every time these things appear? When has it started?


There was nothing on the mattress, and when I checked the sheets it was quite dirty with a lot of little black spots but I don't think they are bugs, they are probably fabric or something like that

If they were really bugs then I would have dozens and dozens of them on my sheets

Also I don't think I eat or drink anything special. I just eat a regular dinner, watch TV and go to bed


Your sheets don't just become flooded with dead bugs. They bugs live in the mattress not on the sheets. They just come out during the night to "feed".

Inspect those black spots on the sheets closer with a magnifying glass. You will be able to tell if its bugs or fabric.

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Bed bug bites


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