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Light flashes

I keep getting flashes in the corner of my eyes lately. It is rather annoying and I have no idea how they suddenly came about?

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That’s not right. How about a visit to an optician?

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It is of course an option. I seldom trouble professionals and only when I think it could be serious. If it perseveres, I'll make an appointment.

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Good. Don’t take risks with your precious eyesight.

Many years ago when I had epilepsy I had the same. flashing in corner of eyes. It went after treatment started

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Was that a sign when your epilepsy started?

I would see a professional quickly as you could lose your sight.

Thank you for the link.

I get flashing patterns which I know are warning signs of a migraine. They are there even if I close my eyes. Sometimes they affect my ability to read, drive and move about safely. Definitely get checked out if this is new to you. Good luck..

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Thank you. I have been getting those for some time since I suffer from migraines as well. These ones are different and happen with my eyes open mostly at dusk. It might be my retina but it might not. I am worried though so I made an emergency appointment for Tuesday.

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That's good. 🤞and don't worry. You're doing the right thing and getting it checked out. Let me know how you get on.

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Will do. I'm not normally worried but the possibility of loosing my eyesight scares me.

I've had the same, it was a detached retina so I would advise that you go to A+E now .DO NOT LEAVE IT UNTIL LATER TODAY OR TOMORROWIf it is detached retina you will need an operation today

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What were your symptoms?

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Bright flashes of light and an area of vision loss which was visible when I covered my good eye

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Go get it looked at as it's easily fixed at this stage but once you loose vision in that eye then it can never be fixed

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I will make a decision asap.

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You have me worried now. I can still see though with the other eye closed.

Hi Aquila.It’s advisable to see an optometrist ASAP, as others have indicated. The description of your concern ‘may’ be symptomatic of a detached retina. If you have increased floaters, a vail or ‘cob web’ appear, and, or pain, then get yourself off to A&E. But do not drive as you will have drops in your eyes that will give you blurred vision for several hours.

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Thank you for getting back to me.

An older friend had light flashes within his eye, and he was told by the optometrist that it was caused by his retina slightly peeling off at the edges. He was told that there was nothing he could do about it.

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This is rather defeatist from the optician. Depressing.

Yes it may be a torn retina, but also could be the vitreous humor has had a piece or piece break off. The last is not serious and can last for months, The torn retina is more serious. They both have flashes of light, but with the vitreous humor you also get a lot of floaters and spider webs going across you vision.

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I appreciate that. Thank you.

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time to stop posting here and get an expert opinion

I don't mean to scare you anymore but flashes of light were, and still are, symptoms of stroke. I had a mild stroke last winter and lost almost 50% of my vision. That was caused by high blood pressure and cholesterol. And it all happened in a single day.

On the bright side I have been reading how modern science has made great strides in healing this. They have even successfully grown back cut optic nerves in mice.

Get checked asap.

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Is your recovery progressing well?

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Recovery? All the doctors failed me bad here in the US. I have simply been getting used to it. There is a new documentary I just saw last night called "going blind". It's depressing for the first half because the star keeps getting told the same thing, that it can't be fixed. But the second half is very encouraging on the new treatments they are working on. I am confident that I will regain vision some day. But also worried about a total loss. So for now, I am monitoring and taking care of my high blood pressure and whatever else my new doctor advises.

Hopefully your flashes are a warning and you can prevent anything bad from happening.

Good luck with everything

I've just been told it's PVD and no tear but I need to keep an 'eye' on it for the next 5-6 weeks. In the event the retina should develop a tear or worse, an immediate operation is required.

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Yes I had that a few years back. It was accompanied by clouds of black dot floaters.

The flashes would appear if I moved my eyeball. I went to an optician who did a thorough batch of tests and explained about PVD, Posterior Vitreous Detachment.

Seemes to be a fairly normal condition of age. About a year later the same thing happened in the other eye.

It all settled down leaving a few minor gifts. I'm sometimes aware of a black floater which makes me think a fly is flitting by. And there is a bit of net curtain effect of floating strands in one eye which can be moved away by eye movement. And if I'm looking at a bright cloudy sky I'm aware of tiny floaters like small rings.

Now I try to ignore it. There is, as you say, nothing to be done about it.

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Thank you very much. That was very helpful. I did go to the optician and same as you diagnosed PVD in my left eye. For some reason there is a six weeks period which is critical for me to observe if it gets worse to see if the retina got detached and then immediately get in touch to make an appointment with the eye clinic for assessment and possibly operation. I have another 3 weeks to go and then I'll see my optician again for a checkup. It is a weird feeling but I assume one adjusts if it doesn't get worse. Yes, apparently it can affect you once you are over fifty.

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If you mean the flashes etc, that should stop after a while. And I had showers of black dots which faded away over an hour or so each time.I have hardly any effect now apart from what i descibed before.

Thanks for the update. Glad you have now been seen.

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