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Hey this is my first post. Hi! Basically so I have had a couple problems. My cum has yellow chunks in it and my I saw my doctor about it and he said they would go away and they haven’t. Does anyone know what they are? And if I asked my gp would I be able to have a full physical exam go make sure everything is okay and working? (UK btw)

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Cum can vary a lot from person to person. If you have had unprotected sex with a new partner you ought to attend a Sexual Health Clinic for a full review.

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joshwills71 in reply to xsevenx

I’m a virgin, so it won’t be anything along the STI path

Hey mate, Cum can vary a lot in person to person, it is generally a whiteish yellow colour, some is pure liquid and some is a lot thicker, keep hydrated mate, hydration is good for lots of things, As for physical no harm in asking if you can get a face to face appointment in UK, you can give dr a urine sample for them to do a dip test, if doc’s not available your sexual health clinic are there for discussion, physical examination of genital area and can check for infections. Keep us updated bud

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OsidgeModerator in reply to Matt051877

You may have a problem in your prostate or testicles. Follow the advice given above.

Also, take a picture of it to show the doctor.

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