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Seeking men’s opinions on getting medical advice?

Hi, I am new to this forum. I am a student currently doing a project looking at why men sometimes find it difficult to go to Doctors when feeling unwell or have a concern.

Any thoughts would be appreciated?

Did you put it off and why?

Did you go straight away with no hesitation?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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Hi T I always seek help, but for some men they just don't and wont, they have no trust, that's why your see women coming on here and other sites seeking help for hubby's with ED, and your see women on here on the prostate forum.



I think one of the biggest problems is the number of female GPs/family doctors. Whilst it's seen as perfectly acceptable - indeed expected - for women to ask to see a female doctor, the same is not true for men, who may also have to face interrogation by hostile female receptionists/admin staff when trying to make an appointment.


I think most men, myself included, find it difficult to talk to anyone about personal issues. This is even more difficult if you have to explain yourself to a female GP or even occasional hostile receptionists.

But it is a 'man thing'


I am like Nowhard in that I have never had a problem with seeking medical help when necessary - even when faced with a female urologist! Medicine is medicine regardless of the gender giving or receiving. I don't understand the "macho" thing at all, basically because it is so artificial. If any man is secure in who he is as a man, what's the problem?


I was recently asked to come back tomorrow when a male was on duty, absolutely furious with the female doctor


Were you embarrassed by the female or was she demeaning?


I did not get to see her but has a testicle the size of a very large egg. I am cross as the surgery is not easy for me to get to.

Never had a problem with a female gp before this


Just an update and the go has been reported. As a result of this doctors actions and time taken to get to the hospital and see someone five days later the nut has been removed


That's a radical solution to the problem but sometimes that's what it takes. Be assured that there are lots of guys (I know of several) who are functioning very well with one testicle!


I am cross as the surgery is not local,?the hospital is 35 miles away. I am about to say goodbye to the other one because of ongoing problems. She could have


Minty, does that mean the surgery will not be done for 35 months or did you mean that it is 35 miles away? As for the female GP, I guess some female GPs are hesitant to see male genital problems just as some guys are hesitant to consult a female GP about genital problems. That doesn't help your frustration I know. However, hope the surgery is soon and effective!


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