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Weightloss Fitness Questions


Hey guys... I’m 34, m and I have lost 284 lbs naturally over the last 4 years. I have had abdominoplasty and am looking for some feedback on my other areas on my body... specifically chest, back and thighs. I would love to chat with someone around my age “ish” who has some knowledge, insight or personal experience. I am down to send pics as well. Would prefer not to do it publicly though. Shoot me a message if you think you can provide some positive feedback.. and guys please, don’t reply to this message with “we aren’t doctors” go see a professional” I have a doc appointment (tell session) in a month and a half I could just really use someone’s insight. Thanks guys.

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Good that you have lost all that weight. I wish you well in maintaining that and dealing with the sequelae. I hope you get the answers you want and not too many recommending that you take guidance from healthcare professionals. Sadly support given cannot be guaranteed to be what you want.




Sounds like you are really motivated which is the most important thing.

Get plenty of exercise, sleep well, eat well and look after your mental health too. Keep it up!

I’m here if you want a chat etc, I’m 42 trying to lose my muffin tops and rotund belly! I’m losing maybe 2lbs a week without too much starving or exercise. I am happy to speak or share? I have bad legs, (another issue) so I just use weights as my cardio. I throw a 16kg kettlebell around for 2 hrs every other day.

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Would love to talk man. Feel free to message me.

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Hi matey, sorry for the delay in response, i look after my boys for a couple of days, so i get sidetracked. You ok?

Sorry, missed your message!! Anything you want to chat about, feel free to message mate.. I really dont mind.

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