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Help please quite worried

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So I was circumcised roughly two weeks ago and all my stitches have came out, healed up rather well also! (Still some healing to go). Anyway I was at the hospital early today and I asked if they thought it would be okay to try mastrubate as I was healing well, they said yes so well you can guess the rest, anyway when I got to the point of ejaculation it was extremely painful and was like my urethra had closed up, I felt the ejaculation burst out and was in slot of pain for a good five ten minutes, maybe it's just too early for me to try but has anyone else had this?! Will it go away?

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The urethra will still be swollen for a while after the op but after that it will be fine. Just be very careful not to focus on the scar for sometime as it takes a while to heal.

I was advised to wait at least six weeks, so I would say it was to soon. If no other symptoms leave it a while and try again.

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Thanks man, my incision seems to have folded over so only the top and bottom parts have healed, hoping that, that heals quite quickly as I'm back at work tonight

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Got to be honest, Sounds like you going back to work too soon. My job is not very physical but requires a lot of moving around, they would not have me back for eight weeks. My advice if you have to go back wear tight fitting pants to reduce any movement.

With regard to masturbation, I could not bear to touch it at first so would gently wrap one of my Wife's silk nighties around it to use as a sleeve. May sound pervy but it worked. As for full sex, plenty of lube and take it easy.

Good Luck

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My works been informed that I'm still having to take it easy, no heavy lifting etc so I should be fine:) thanks dude

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