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Unknown Testicle Discomfort

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Hi all, I’m new to this community and would want to get my problem solved which bothers me for a week.

I’ve been experiencing unknown testicle discomfort for a week, i can’t say it’s “testicle pain”, but discomfort, a weird feeling or maybe “stretching or falling” feel on my left testicle. I visit an urologist 2 days ago and had my testicle ultrasound done yesterday, results came out everything normal, no any inflammation or swelling.

He also order another ultrasound today for my urination system. Which the result also came out everything normal, no kidney stones, bladder and prostate both normal in size and no inflammation.

This is driving me crazy, it’s been a week now, and the discomfort continues like every minute and seconds throughout the day. Not sure what else I can do, seems like I’ve ruled out every possibility. I’m thinking would it be any gonorrhea or chlamydia issue? But I haven’t had sex in a while, the only “sexual activity” I’ve involved were someone giving me a handjob, not sure will this cause any STIs. But I got no other symptoms, nothing coming out from my penile and no any urinating discomfort. Please help me on this issue. Many thanks to all.

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I have had pain in my right testicle for about 5 years. I’ve had all the investigations you have had. All similarly negative. Tight dual pouch briefs help. But it is annoying.

As long as you dont have extreme pain there is nothing to worry about. You test results came back negative for everything so its probably nothing more than mild orchitis. Every dude has to experience testicular pain at some point in their lives. I had mine about a year ago where I had an UTI along with symptoms similar to yours which lasted for over a week. Went the urologist and he said it was nothing to worry about just a simple UTI and some orchitial pain which is absolutely normal. He gave me some medication for UTI and asked me to wear tighter shorts for a week and the pain was gone within a week. If the pain is recurring you might have chronic orchitis and it cannot be cured completely, you can only alleviate the symptoms by using pain medication or by treating the bacterial/viral infection thats causing it. But I assure you it is nothing to worry about, in an average man's lifetime, he will have more headaches than testicular pain. Take it easy my dude.👍


Hi - if you haven't been to the STI clinic I would want to rule that out as well. I have had similar problems on and off for years - and diagnosed with varicoceles - I tend to take some Ibuprofen and make sure I wear very supportive underwear ( briefs types) to stop my balls moving around as much. it might be helpful to find underwear with a firmer material as I found all the stretchy material thats initially very comfortable doesn't ease the ache in your testicles and is unsupportive as the day progresses.... I read somewhere that having your penis upwards helps and this is what I do. Warm / hot weather makes them ache more so I'm mindful of the weather impacting the ache too..... hope this helps and you get some relief as it can be very draining....

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Yeh, just went to the STI clinic today and get some dna testing for urine. Still waiting for the results now, but before the testing I also talked to the doctor for awhile, he says that usually if testicle pain are cause by any STIs, it should be swelling and causes lots of pain. Which in my case it doesn’t looks like it, and I got no urinating pain or discharge. I was thinking of varicoceles too at the beginning, but the testicle ultrasound I did seem to rule it out. Just hope that everything’s fine, this had increase my anxiety a lot. (Experiencing severe anxiety for years)

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OK. Just keep persisting till you find a solution for you - it can take a while to rule everything out.

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I also asked a doctor online, saying it might be something called CPPS, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, which is a no answer pelvic or testicle pain caused mainly by stress and anxiety. Not sure is this the reason, but as I said before, it’s more like discomfort to me rather than pain.

Could it be caused by any activities you do ?I had similar sounding issue some years back. Turned out was caused by the stretching and bending I was doing at work !

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