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Hi everybody! I just want to mention that today I have had my second coronavirus injection! I was and still am a bit nervous about any after effects or symptoms the vaccine can give you. Has anyone here had the second jab yet?? Let me know I would really appreciate to hear from you and know how you felt etc! Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks 🙏

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Had my second AZ injection 2 weeks ago. No side effects at all. Felt terrible after the first one.

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I have had two Pfizer vaccinations with no side effects.

I had 2 vaccines from Pfizer. No problem. Just a sore arm.

2 Pfizer. No problem.

Two moderna. Arm hurt a bit more after the second. A small number of folks I know had more flu like symptoms but even that a small price to pay to start getting back to normal life.

Nearly three weeks since my first jab (Pfizer). I have been ill the whole time. In bed for most of it. My arm swelled up like a loaf of bread within a couple of hours followed by a whole slew of other side effects. Wildly fluctuating temperature, one minute cold sweats and the next hot flushes. Joint pains. Headache. Nausea. Uncontrollable diarrhea. And incredible fatigue. Can hardly drag myself to the loo (quite a problem). I am due the second injection this week but I won't be risking it.

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Sounds bad. Does your doctor know about this?

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Yes. And still advised me to get the second injection. Like a fool I did and the result was a deep vein thrombosis in my leg. I'm just out of hospital yesterday.

Moral of story. The innoculation may seem like our only way out of this disaster but for some the 'cure' may turn out to be worse than the disease. Proceed with great caution.

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Saucisse in reply to Fookidooki

Fookidooki - glad you are safely home now!

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Oh my dear goodness heavans are you going to call am ambulance 🚑?

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Fookidooki in reply to 2021-

See above. I did indeed end up in one

I have had both Oxford AstraZeneca. No side effects from either injections. So I guess I must be a lucky guy.

You're best off checking here really:

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