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Having bad day with colon!


Can a 20 years old Male get colorectal cancer?

Hello every one!

So... the case is like this, for a month i have had diarrhea and still. And this time i saw blood in stool, and i have been feeling very weak, and had fevers, first i thought it was covid-19, but then after a complete month maybe more, i have been like this and i know covid does not last like that therefore i thought maybe it is one of the season flus, who knows? And today i thought maybe i would share this, today i went to bathroom because of diarrhea of course twice, and at the second time i saw blood clearly in stool, maybe its strange to talk about this, but the color and the shape of the stool is clearly changed and this time i don’t believe even if it was poop, it had like slime texture to it from what i saw, and it was really transparent and i could see blood in it easily, so yeah this is kinda my situation here, any thoughts ideas?

I searched on internet that is why I suspect it with cancer. But just wanted to talk about it with you people, probably will see a doctor tomorrow, i know its gross to read this stuff and i am really sorry for that! Stay safe and healthy.

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It is extremely unlikely to be cancer. But you are right to be seeing a doctor. The symptoms you have need to be investigated. Best wishes.

Thank you bro, i going now to see one!


Blood in your stools should always be investigated.

UnkownGuy in reply to Osidge

I did a blood test and pee test! And later today i am having colonoscopy! I wish from Allah nothing dangerous is in there!

OsidgeModerator in reply to UnkownGuy

It is good that you are being screened. I pray that it goes well. Inshallah.

UnkownGuy in reply to Osidge

Thank you, i wish that from Allah to all patients.

So how was the colonoscopy? Has a diagnosis been made?

Well, it was fine it did not hurt, because they put me on sleep, and result from what the doctor could say visually-based, he said it is left side colitis(IBD)!

But the final result will come out late this week! Inshallah it will be fine, and thank you for caring! I appreciate it.

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