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I’ll help where I can

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I didn’t realise until reading these posts how much I’ve already come across in my life with men’s problems. I’m around to help where I can and when ever possible. I’m a 26 year old female so don’t know 2 much about male genitalia but I’ve been on this page since 1am (its now 2.15am) and I’ve answered/give my opinion on 6 out of 7 posts I’ve come across. Feel free to ask me any health related questions and if I know I’ll answer with an answer or an opinion- I will state if it’s only an opinion. This page seems to be mainly genitalia but I can help with more than Willy’s and balls! I’m clued up on mental health too which some men don’t talk about but please ask if you are worried about ur mental state 😊 no one on hear knows you so please speak up!

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Hi Jlb92 hope your good. it's good to get ladies viewpoints especially as well on men health like willys and balls as you say as i think men can become fairly narrow minded with these things like getting a bigger dick etc. I havent done a post but my dick is slighty bent to the left when its erect - is this normal do you know? Its not massivley big around 6.5 but i dunno if this is to do with it

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Hiya, it is normal for it to be slightly bent to the left or right but only slightly, if it causes you any pain or discomfort then take a visit to your gp because it can be a sign of Peyronie’s disease

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Thanks Jlb92 Sorry had to change my username as it wouldnt let me log back in??!!

Ok, never caused me pain/discomfort but i'm still a virgin so dunno about things like sex.

While we're on this topic, i dunno if my balls are smaller than average...they dont seem v large abt 1.5in and my dick hangs below them - does this affect sperm output?

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No it won’t do nothing to sperm, some guys have bigger balls than others

Welcome aboard Jib92, Any advice is welcome, most of us on here are amateurs and just give our opinion on life experience. Yes, it does seem most posts are about 'Willy’s and balls', and similar, but I guess that is because most of us blokes are to wimpish to speak to their Doc or Health Centre.

Look forward to your responses.

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Very true jaglad many men don’t see the gp, they would rather just plod on because they “don’t want to fuss” but if they r anything like my husband he chews my ear off daily about things that are wrong with him rather than see the doctor! 😂

I have to trick him n say we are taking the kids so when he’s sat in the waiting room he’s clueless that I’ve booked him in until the gp calls his name. Any medical problems tho really really should be seen by the correct health care provider.

Tbh I’ve seen many “men’s problems” in my line of work.. from swelling penis to the penis literally starting to fall off/ cut off. I’ve also dealt with men getting snip and the hood been taken off.

I’m also really clued up on mental health

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