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Can I have some help please?

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All I have done today is urinate none stop and I ain't even been drinking loads. I am very concerned.

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Have you been tested for diabetes or consulted a doctor about this new problem?

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Lonely3190 in reply to Osidge

I got tested a few months ago and it was negative. And no I haven't.

You may have a urine infection.

I have never had that before.

If you have a urine infection it makes you pee more to try and flush the infection out. You should really see a doctor to get tested. Be one step ahead and take a urine sample with you so they can dip test it. In the current climate the doctors may not see you but ask you to drop off a sample to be tested.

I am having a phone call off them tomorrow anyway. So I will mention it to her and it doesn't help that I am getting pain in my bladder/groin area.

That could also be because of a urine infection.

Sometimes the urine comes out clear, then the normal color it should be.

Drink plenty of water to help until you get the results from your doctors.

Won't it make me need to urinate more though?

Yes but it will help to flush you out with clean water.

Fair point. But would you advise to still speak with a doctor?

Yes because you may need an antibiotic to clear the infection if you have one.

OK thankyou. I will do.

I had both tests of the dip and the lab results and they are both normal.

Does it burn when you pee?

No it doesn't. But each time I go one time it's clear the next it's the normal yellow.

Bladder and urethral infections burn, but it wouldn't hurt to get tested. Any unprotected sex?

No I haven't had that.

Get a urinalysis pronto.

I have done and they said its normal but they sent it off to a lab for further tests.

drink water until it come out of your nose then see your urine

this happened to me and to my brother

my brother drank 36bottles in one week

Wow that's a lot. But yeah it's just annoying having to go the toilet every ten minutes.

dont worry go to toilet

you will thank me and see the result its better than any medicine

I just hope I can get to sleep tonight but of needing the loo every 10 minutes.

me and my brother we used to go water factories

once we ordered 181 bottles of 15 Liters

Wow. That is a lot again.

Ok then. Fair enough.


common urine problems comes from bacteria of unclean food

That is true. Fair point.

sorry if i was writing you alot

No don't worry about it. I appreciate this.

i am just helping people because i had situations like these

And I do appreciate this.

i had OCD

Oh right. I understand now then,

seroxat 20mg before it 40mg cortizone needle

Are you from the UK?

Not from UK iam from LIbya


i truly respect other people opinions

Same here.

Hey, my results were normal.

Get a test for diabetes.

I did have a test a few months ago but it was negative. And I have pain in the bladder/groin area.

Get a urinalysis, and don't wait. This can get serious fast.

I'll speak with the doctor when she rings. I have urinated 4 times within half an hour.

I had both the dip test and the lab results and they are both normal.

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Zzzzoom in reply to Lonely3190

Do you walk or run a lot?

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Lonely3190 in reply to Zzzzoom

I do walk more now yes.

Try going to see a urologist

I did a urine sample for them today and they said it is not a water infection, so she is sending it off to a lab. And if it comes back negative and I still have it. They will look further into it.

Hope you have a good report so they don't need to look for anything else

I hope so too, she still gave me some antibiotics too. Just to be on the safe side.

The antibiotics should help

I had the lab results and they are normal too.

How is your prostate? Is semen normal color? Does it stink? Any pain while ejaculating?

I don't know about my sperm and my prostate feels fine, I think.

If all tests are coming back ok, go with the drinking of more water. I think about 2.5 litres a day is recommended. This should help and try not to go at the first feeling, hang on, say 5 minutes, then next time make it ten. This will help to train your bladder so you should not need to go so often. Good luck

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Lonely3190 in reply to jaglad

I will definitely try that. Thankyou.

It would be sensible to see your doctor about this. There could be many causes and it’s important to get the correct diagnosis and treatment. Good luck

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Your kidneys are overactive. Kidneys are harder to test for and don't always show up for a bladder infection but can still be infected friend had kidney infection and so did my mom and it can be hard to tell if you have it. Do you have pain in your back? Can also be your parathyroid so you should go back and get that checked. They can also really easily scan your kidneys like they do for a pregnancy scan ..this is what showed up my friend had an infection in the tubes of her kidneys. My mom got the infection lots of times and had kidney damage and has to do a special diet to keep sure the kidneys stay good. You need to drink water but also electroylites because your body is peeing too much it can flush out essential salts... You can buy something like dioralyte or drink soups and coconut water juices etc. A pinch of salt as well. But get to the doctor again and don't stop till they figure it out for you. If you stop going back they'll think its all better and forget you.

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Anxiety also stimulates your kidneys. Have you considered seeing a traditional Chinese doctor. They should be a fully qualified doctor as well as the Chinese stuff...they're really good for the subtle things that doctors don't think are a problem. Like weird feelings and strange pains and whatnot. And if you find a good one they can do a lot of amazing things for anxiety. I had PTSD anxiety and adrenal fatigue and insomnia and they helped me a lot.

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Lonely3190 in reply to Hidden

I don't get pain in my back.

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Hidden in reply to Lonely3190

Well that's good. But I don't think anxiety would cause you to pee as much as you seem to be peeing. Defo et your kidneys checked. It doesn't sound normal.

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Lonely3190 in reply to Hidden

I told the doctors but they gave my antibiotics which I have finished now.

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