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Dull ache in Testicles


Hi, a few days ago i started having some ache in my testicles, with intermittend spikes of pain. Went to my doctor about it, we did an ultrasound and he said everything was fine. But i'm still having it, sometimes its the left sometimes the right testicle. If one hurts, the other doesnt. Cant be torsion since then i'd be in horrible pain right?

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Hi I have had the same sort of thing in my left Testicle I’ve had it on and off for the past 10 years doctors say they can’t find anything but through trial and error I have found that a really good support helps find some good supportive underpants and see if that helps you sympathy my friend hope all goes well

Alright, thanks for the reply! Its been slowly going away, but if it were torsion it would hurt like hell right? I've been googling a lot. Very concerned.

OsidgeModerator in reply to thatguy2304

You have been examined and had an ultrasound with no negative diagnosis. You could still ask to see an urologist or you could stop worrying and probably find the discomfort goes more quickly. Take care.

It's 100% not torsion, and if the ultrasound came back normal, then it's not TC. Outside of those two possibilities, you have a vericocele, a hydrocele or referred pain from the pelvic nerves or lower spine. Could be related to sacral nerve or sciatic. Any lower backpain? Does it happen more with excessive workouts? Might wanna start looking into a more supportive chair at work, or mattress at home.

thatguy2304 in reply to OhHey

No real lower back pain, no. But since this whole pandemic thing started i've been sitting at home a lot, often in a less than ideal posture. Could that be a cause of this? Those spurts of pain have become less common, it also doesnt feel as tight anymore. It's still very weird that for some reason always after 12pm they seem to puff up as if they're cold and need warmth from the body, but im pretty warm.

I have the same testicular pains. Sometimes left testicle and sometimes rights. When I sleep on my right side, left testicle seems to pull towards right as if it was about to snap off. Left one seems larger than right with the epidermis feeling swollen. Very uncomfortable. So I have to sleep on my back or left side. Also both testicles feels tight as if they want to go inside body especially when I have a strong erection or ejaculate. Testicles are pulled up to each side of the shaft and scrotum feels very tight. Seems worse after my circumcision.

Seen urologist and had ultrasound in the past for the pain but found nothing wrong. Still get the aching pain in the testicles from time to time. Will go again soon post-circumcision to check the tight scrotum and pulling sensation on testicles. My ejaculate isn’t much. Between a teaspoon or 3 at most!

Anyone experienced any of the above as well?

I don't trust Dr's at all! Especially after my last visit to my previous GP's locum whom handed a sample of urine laden with blood and my semen was was completely 100% blood. Refused to even test it and said my urine reeked of Nitrates. So NOT! Had it tested afterwards at Chenimst. 0% blood in urine. Good luck!

Oh wow, that sounds pretty bad. Hope you're fine!

BexyBoy in reply to Curiousity4

This is for thatguy2304: One bad consultation with one doctor and you dismiss the whole profession for ever? Not wise!

Curiousity4 in reply to BexyBoy

Uhm. For starters, my ex female GP decided to hand over(no pun intended) the prostrate check to a "locum" GP, who A) Didn't know my history, B)did it EXTREMELY rough and painfully and C)then continued by saying "I'm neurotic" and gave me antidepressants, which when I collected at Pharmacy, they asked:" What? Does he wanna kill you? You cant take that with your Trepeline". Went back2the Dr. and said that to her when she happened to walk towards accounts, to which she replied:"Who would you rather trust, a doctor or a Pharmacist?" Kid you not.

BexyBoy in reply to Curiousity4

Bad luck - you seem to have rather unsubtle and arrogant doctors! Not my experience, but maybe I've just been lucky!

Indeed. But it seems the GP's in general(pardon the pun) are all very rude here. I am NOT a difficult patient at all, but have been gong through hell the past 13 years and STILL they can't tell if I have MS(dead, tingling legs, accompanied by SEVERE pain), BP's that are too far apart between L&R (at least my ex female GP acknowledged that!) as well as the blood in my urine and semen the past two years........getting nowhere very quickly. It's now at least been established my L kidney has died and has calcified but hadn't I(!) asked the radiographist to kindly take a sonar of my L lower leg AND knee, she would have never seen the blood low in my L lower leg was SEVERY compromised and that I had ruptured my L knee's meniscus. RE: that rude "locum". I voice recorded the whole consultation, since I found it weird that I was referred to him the very last minute by my female GP. As well as my female GP who said when I went to pay the bill the very next day:"Who would you rather believe, a mere Pharmacist or a Doctor?" Still contemplating submitting it to our Medical Board to at least get that visit's money back......

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