four lumps above testicles

Hello everyone- I am new here- I am the mom of a soon to be 14 year old boy- He just discovered four painful lumps the size of a pencil eraser above his right and left testicle. I am researching it online but was hoping maybe someone else on here has had this? I will be taking him to his doctor tomorrow but I am very concerned and was hoping for suggestions! Thank you!

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  • Almost guaranteed to be cysts. Nothing to worry about.

  • Obviously it's impossible to diagnose from a Forum post so go and see your GP to be on the safe side.

  • doctor is the best person to suggest. do not play with your sons fast and give treatment.

  • so what was the diagnosis?

  • it could be cysts however as someone who has and still does have them i can say i have never had them get that big..... so if they are that big they could be tumors.

  • Any feedback as to what happened please?

  • Doctor is the right person to whom you should at this moment ,you should immediately go and get your son diagnosed to know what is the real problem.Don't worry everything will be ok.

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