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Feeling light headed and dizzy randomly


I've been experiencing a general lack of energy and what I perceive to be some light-headed feelings and general dizziness. I just feel like one of side of my body isn't balanced and feel weird. Anyone ever experienced anything like this? It's been happening off and on for the past several weeks now. I'm seeing a doctor about it soon...

Sometimes, exercise seems to trigger it, but other times, it's random. I haven't noticed any other problems or symptoms. No idea what it could be...

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are you hydrated? if not that could be part of the problem.

I believe so. I drink lots of water.

alright, just take it easy then. i dont have a solution, sorry.


Have you tried testing your blood pressure? No doubt your doctor will. There is also a possibility of having had a TIA

Definitely not TIA, it seems more like vertigo or neurocardiogenic syncope. Have your doctor do an orthostatic vital

Sounds like vertigo. There are two types, both treatable. See a neurologist for testing.

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