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Straight men who like sex with men


Sounds crazy but are there others like me?

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There are plenty others like you.

Bd357020 in reply to IP_Nightly

It is strange. I love sex with my wife. The emotional bond is incredible. Something about having sex with a guy for pure physiological reasons is awesome

OsidgeModerator in reply to Bd357020

As IP_Nightly says it is quite common. If you are OK with it, just enjoy it safely. Do not spend a load of time trying to label yourself. That is not helpful.

Bd357020 in reply to Osidge

Always safe and discreet.

IP_Nightly in reply to Bd357020


Not tried, but would like too

Sex with men is awesome... Nothing wrong with it... Many men out there like you and I that like it both ways... Enjoy

I enjoy it too. I’m married and we’re not as active in the bedroom as we once were. I was lucky to find a man near my own age and with likes similar to mine.

Lucky you, I've been trying for almost 5 yrs, haven't found one. It's been almost 6 yrs since my wife and I have had sex due to her mental illness.

I don't label myself but my go to watch is m/m, I watch all but to get a faster stronger harder is when I watch m/m. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy females...alot.

Same. Bigger load for me and lots of precum

Sometimes it’s just easier with another dude. A man may not be able to meet his wife’s expectations but another man might be more understanding since he may have had similar issues. Another man might be willing to “experiment” doing activities a woman might not want to do.

Good point

I think a lot of people get curious at some point. Totally normal. You’re experimental

Hi, yes your not the only one who enjoy this i have a friend and we really enjoy masturbation together it's really good to hear about you please feel free to contact me about it.

I am well married with three kids and a marriage that includes a good, active sex life. I’ve also had sex with other married guy friends, but always secretively. During Covid-19 I have been totally in my family bubble and missed my buddies who enjoy man with man play. But the marriage has included more great sex times. I do deal with some guilt, but reading here that there are other married men doing it too is helpful, and I appreciate Osidge’s professional reply. But, how should I deal with the guilt?

Guilt is tough. I manage it but it will always be a factor to work through