Not ejaculating during sex

I am 30yrs now. I find it hard to ejaculate lately. I use to ejaculate during sex before. But I noticed it even got worst when I started masturbating. Don’t know if it affected my sex life. And the funny part is that I ejaculate quickly during masturbation. Please I need advice. Thanks.

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  • Could be psychological reason. Your enjoyment in masturbation and penetrative sex may be different, I guess the strokes and lubrication matters. Nevertheless you can go for testing your sperm count and if there is any infection. Then you can meet your doctor.But don't panic. This can happen sometimes. Sex is for pleasure.Ejaculation is a biological side effect

  • Thanks Diptasu, I will work on that as well. Really appreciate your advise.

  • I have to say that I think you've got this back to front, Diptasu, but from a scientific point of view I may of course be quite wrong. My personal belief, irrelevant though that is, is that the fundamental 'raison d'etre' of sex is to reproduce and therefore allow the species to continue; pleasure is just one of the biological side effects that helps to propel us to do so, but it does tend to be the one that people most focus upon for obvious reasons.

    Mr Picasso. You could try to cut down on masturbating and see whether that helps. I see you said that it got worse 'when I started masturbating'. Am I correct in thinking you experience the sensations of orgasm during intercourse, but simply release only a very small quantity of ejaculate?

  • Yes you are absolutely right. I guess it's because am masturbating to get satisfaction. But I will stop it from now hence forth and give myself like 1month gap before sex, so as to see the change. Thanks

  • Yes you are absolutely right. I guess it's because am masturbating to get satisfaction. But I will stop it from now hence forth and give myself like 1month gap before sex, so as to see the change. Thanks

  • Dare I say it, but it's a pleasure!! Certainly a month ought to be plenty long enough. I don't really know about this, and possibly we are all different, but I would have thought a week or so would make a difference. Absence, so they say, makes the heart grow fonder - but I'm not sure that it's the same with sex!! All the very best, Mr P!!

  • I don't know, I just felt like I need time to study my system, maybe try having sex with my partner.

  • Sorry, maybe I'm getting confused. If you mean what I think you mean, and you want the month gap in order to 'recharge your system' and then have sex with your partner and see what happens, then that's great! I suppose I was more thinking along the lines that if the two of you are currently having sex once or twice or week - or more frequently - then a month might be rather a long time to wait. But so long as you're both fine with the idea of a month's abstinence, then obviously that's the way forward. Hey, go for it and see how you perform at the end. I really do hope you find it's helped. Take care and all good wishes.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. That’s my best shot at this time. Considering the fact I masturbate to get satisfaction. Apparently, if I can stay one month without masturbation, I can certainly recuperate from issue within me.

  • ...and you'll have a very happy and sexually satisfied partner!! Not a bad result, eh??

  • Oh yeah not a bad result bro. I will keep you updated on progress report.

  • Maybe hear from you around mid-November, Mr P. Keep well and mind how you go, and do try to forgo the masturbation; not easy I know when you've become used to daily relief. But you will do it if you really want to. Best wishes as always.

  • Right for reproduction Sex is the process but it comes from a temptation for pleasure. Masturbation is result of an auto arousal and for sex you need a female partner and reciprocating desire and too some extent love also. Question remains whether ejaculation is a must for pleasure . In my understanding it is different. The person's testosterone should be tested before commenting.

  • Which is what I was saying to a large extent. Where you say 'temptation for pleasure', I would say 'motivator', which although I worded it differently before would be another way of expressing the same concept. Obviously this is a hugely complex topic and clearly I'm not pretending it can be condensed into just a couple of sentences. My very, very broad point, with which I think you concur, is the fundamental reason of sex isn't primarily about pleasure, but to enable to species to continue. Pleasure is one of just many motivators. Playing 'devil's advocate' I can easily see many arguments against this over-simplification, but nevertheless I still believe it is fundamentally the truth as I understand it to be.

  • This is a common issue in men after some age. Don't worry, you can use generic viagra, kamagra, or generic cialis for this treatment.

  • Now you wouldn't perchance, have any financial interest for posting your suggestion would you?? No one should start taking drugs without the OK from their doctor. Neither me nor you knows anything about the medical history of the originator of this thread, so please don't encourage irresponsible behaviour. Anyway, I am quite sure Mr P is far too sensible to fall for this one!!

  • Compton895, bet me am not yielding to any drugs usage. I don’t think it’s necessary.

  • Hi Mr P.

    So pleased to read that comment!! The medications that this peddler is trying to sell you are, as I imagine you know, for erectile dysfunction which not only is not the subject of your post, but almost certainly not a condition from which you suffer. Even were you to do so, buying on line is fraught with dangers, not only because the quality of the ingredients could be more than questionable, but also because you may possibly be suffering from a condition that could be aggravated by taking the products. Always, always consult your doctor, or at the very least a qualified pharmacist, before taking any drugs. But of course you know that, and as I said in my reply to 'buygenericrx' you are far too sensible to fall for that one!! Best wishes as always.

  • Pls let me give my views.the sex soft ware is already developed and programmed in our genes by nature/God etc.all the reasons are included in it.the hard wares take part in activities ,what we call karma,and for every karma,the result will b experienced ,either pleasure or pain.

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