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Tight Foreskin Sex Issue

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I am 27. I have a tight foreskin. I want to ask if there is any problem or pain if a person with tight foreskin has sex. Is it necessary to pull the foreskin back for having sex.

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Hi . You won't know if you will get pain or discomfort until you start having penetrative sex. The penis is designed for the foreskin to fully retract behind the glans . This will enable you to receive the maximum pleasure through your penis head. Also with your piss slit uncovered you can really deliver your sperm deep inside when you cum.

I had a tight foreskin when i masterbated it was fine but when i had sex for the first time i went a bit wild and it cured it foreskin was fine after that

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Are u saying that after your first sex, u were able to pull back the foreskin even in erect state

Not to denegrate those with a foreskin, but count yourself fortunate that your parents didn't have you butchered to remove the foreskin in infancy! Since childhood I have had various problems because of no foreskin.

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There seems to be far more guys suffering with foreskin problems on this site than without. John why don't you post your circumcision experience . Shame more parents don't get their sons circumcised as the benefits far outweigh those against. Fake News?

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This site caters to men with sexual issues, mostly related to the foreskin. Those with no problems being cut or uncut don’t have cause to be here. Evaluating all men from this perspective skews facts.

Hello John, Thank for your comment. Sorry to hear of losing your foreskin during infancy.

u from

does that matter?

Not necessary at all. My husband has tight phimosis and our sex is pleasurable for him and also for me. There is less friction for the female because the skin glides perfectly, and he can maintain an erection for a very long time because his sensitivity is perhaps shielded a little - we have a normal sex life. He is very confident in himself! I think it is a very unique thing and don’t mind it at all. Washing properly will be important, though.

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Thanks Kirlchen...I do wash it regularly as I can pull back the skin quite comfortably when flaccid...so hygiene isn't a problem...just that I was afraid that it might pain during sex

If the foreskin does not retract at all, then a man can have penetrative sex without fear of pain. If the foreskin can be forced back, then sexual intercourse may be painful if the foreskin retracts. Use lots of lubrication and limit penetration to avoid a forcible retraction. Men can have very satisfying sex with a non-retractile foreskin as this website illustrates:


I just watched a documentary on Netflix, it’s called “American Circumcision”. There is so much helpful information in that movie. The movie is definitely against circumcision and pro uncircumcision. There are techniques discussed in the movie for stretching the foreskin. I would recommend the movie to anybody, male, female, circumcised or uncircumcised. The documentary is a real eye-opener as to how damaging circumcision can be. But also has details about stretching the foreskin which may be helpful.


Yes, that movie presents some excellent facts and statistics!

Short answer is no, it should make no difference to you having sex, indeed for me sex was better before my circumcision.

If you have sex without a condom it is possible that the skin will pull back naturally and become caught behind he head, in this instance you will probably have to manually pull it back over. But I experienced fewer problems with sex when I had a foreskin.

Good luck and choose wisely.

Stretch that opening.

The answer depends upon how tight it is. It the foreskin does not retract at all, it should be fine.

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