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Swelling UNDER Clavicle


I have a very large lump UNDER my clavicle on the left side. In case it's hard to see from the picture, its above the vein, below the end of the clavicle under my adams apple. At first I thought it was a swollen lymph node, but after online research I now think there arent any lymph nodes below the clavicle, only above. I also dont have any symptoms of lymphoma, and I honestly cannot at all remember how long I have had this bump.Im worried about what it could be, since when I look online I don't see any people with the same problem or any common diagnoses. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated I'm 18 if that means anything.

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Hi kejd if I was you I would go see the doc keep safe

kejd in reply to Fredlucas

I went to the doctor and he said its just my first rib attaching to my sternum and its just very pronounced. Turns out I was just freakin out over nothing.

Fredlucas in reply to kejd

Thats very good glad it turned out OK keep safe


I must agree with Fredlucas We cannot diagnose problems on this forum and you would be well advised to go to see a doctor.

You do have lymph nodes there

But it Needs checking by your doc


Of course get it checked out but its probably something minor. Our growth is different and sometimes none structure comes into play. No discomfort..which is always a good thing too. But a check up will rule out feelings that its problem.

OsidgeModerator in reply to Hidden

Lack of discomfort is not always a good thing!

Thanks guys for the advice. I'm gonna book an appointment with my GP, I'm just worried because its abnormally large and it's just freaking me out because I don't have any infections or anything, and naturally, being a human my mind is going straight to cancer lol

Tam_user in reply to kejd

Pleased you are going to do this. Hope all goes well.

Also, could this be my Thymus?

Tam_user in reply to kejd

Pretty sure the thymus lies behind the sternum.

I cant see anything obvious in that picture. You need to go to a Dr in real life and be examined.

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