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Neph and me


So my ten year old nephew who is autistic and built like a brick shit house wants to loose his stomach. He’s sadly become aware of its size which saddens me. Any way I can get him fitter in conjunction with me? Dad and nephew fitness dvds (though he’s my nephew)?

He can’t walk to school as his school is 40minutes away three towns away. Sensible suggestions please!

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What about joining local gym or council run gym ? Swimming etc

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Ah thank you. He’s very much an anti person child which is sad. He likes swimming but at his school as it’s very quiet. Heart breaking the difficulties he has and when he’s challenging them through support the public attitude is distracting and unhelpful to say the least. Thank you though

Hi, to reduce over all and especially belly fat Cardio will be necessary. Now you have dozen of choices other than walking places, running, jogging. You can do cardio exercises in a confined space like a bedroom. Exercises to elevate his heart rate will burn body fat all around the body not just the stomach and build muscle. By building muscle that will burn body fat while he isn't working out.

Common exercises you can do and Boxers often do this to get this cardio is jumping rope. It isn't just a girls thing. Boxers often do cardio using various jumping rope styles. You can easily look up these on Youtube. You can also find many other cardio exercises beside jumping rope, Burpees. Highly effective and there are variations of burpees with or with out weights he can do. Doing Bicycle crunches requiring up and lower body while lying on a map and racing up the heart rate. I could go on but once you start looking up these exercises you will be amazed how many other exercise you can do at home, in the yard, or park with or without weights or partners. Though a partner is great to keep you motivated and accountable to keep doing the work outs.

You don't necessarily need a gym to work out. Animals in the wild are naturally fit and they don't use expensive gym equipment yet they get their muscle the old fashion way.

Oh I forgot to mention suspension training. Either you can by the straps or make your own (videos on making you own on youtube). It's a way of working out using your own body weight as resistance. Navy seals in the United States use them to stay fit even when on operations where you can't drag fitness equipment with you. You can take them anywhere and use them anyway. There are tons of exercises you can do for cardio on them to burn the body fat away. You will need to learn them online then practice with him to get him used to technique and form.

If you need assistance to links on these subjects let me know I'll send you the links via private messaging so you can find them. You are a great uncle doing this with your nephew and should be commended on your effort to improve the health and care of your loved ones. Cheers man.

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Ah thank you

I have an autistic nephew too, but my brother and I aren't close to be able to see him. You can also down load a copy of a template for a work out schedule. My personal favorite I use is by Vertex42 and it's free. Remember to start him off slow to give his body time to adjust to building up muscle and have him do a cool down with stretching exercises to keep him from feeling sore muscles the next day.


I would also look at why he became so big, which is unusual for a 10 year old. He must have a pretty bad diet, so I would slowly reduce the amount of food which has a high saturated fat content & cut out anything fried, fast food or takeaways etc. The diet changed linked with simple & enjoyable exercise will soon shed the pounds.