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Does this thing that looks like bubbles on the left of my penis normal?


Can somebody tell me if this bubble looking thing is normal and does it go away cause the right side of my penis looks completely normal

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Hi mate, what's your swelling like underneath? You're still healing mate give it time. I'm 6 weeks in, all stitches out with a shit load of swelling underneath still.

SteveWall56 in reply to KBo3

That’s the stitches the brown things underneath which I really don’t feel much pain. I’ve been having election lately and I’ve gotten use to it without pain. Even tho I touch it I have no pain at all. I was just curious if it was normal to be there

NkC555 in reply to KBo3

I have similar looking bubbles underneath too, on frenulum side, hard circular feeling at top of remaining foreskin for me is kinda weird

NkC555 in reply to NkC555

Plus I’m also 5 weeks in

KBo3 in reply to NkC555

Bro for real man I have the same shit

KBo3 in reply to KBo3

I'm 6 weeks in 😴

Your penis is still swollen, give it time. If those things persist. Ask your surgeon.

SteveWall56 in reply to Clutonny

What do you mean by swollen? Like physically Or pain? Every time I touch them or my boxers rub on them I feel no pain at all. But the glands yes it’s sensitive but I could start touching with my hands. And btw when do you think the stitches will come off? I can’t wait to get back to my regular masturbation and blowjob days.


Does not look like normal

Hey, your penis looks the average normality ONLY IF you are 3 weeks or less post-operation. So my question is how long ago were you circumcised?

Next, your surgeon left you with a "normal" amount of foreskin left. So the little amount you fo have is swollen with lymphodema fluid. Which are the bubble puffs that you see. Please believe, we all have had our inner-foreskin (the conjoining pinkish tissue between the glans and the shaft skin) swelled after the operation, for weeks. The more skin thatis left, the bigger the swell will be. I and several other guys had the"high" circumcision, with much skin left behind, and we had a big swollen bubble until it calmed itself down weeks later. You're lucky to have such small swells, which is better for the healing man👍

Your stitches are looking good thus far, just try to keep your erection count to a minimum for the next 2 1/2 weeks, until your stitched skins start to fuse, strenghten in bond, and heal. Then, your penis's system will be able to withstand the erection with no worries of rips. In conclusion, if you are in your week 1 or 2 you are looking fantastically normal and healthy. If you are in week 3 or greater on this photo, you are doing

Do not do any salt water baths just of yet, so you don't prematurely dissolve any stitches. Let your body heal itself, but to keep your wounds and stitches sanitary, it is safe to pour hydrogen peroxide over the area maybe 2 times a day for a week. I did that, and wonders and a wonderfully clean feeling worked well for me. Hydrogen Peroxide serves the same antiseptic purpose as do salt water. But, it is comprised a medically-safe sterile water; if you make salt water at home from tap water, it is subject to have microbes that your wounds just do not need...

Take care Bud, and keep us posted with pics and info. By the way, I'll be in my 6th week on Wednesday, August 1st💪

It looks as though you still have a bit of oedema. It should go away eventually.

What are you going to do about those sutures?

SteveWall56 in reply to Bucky85

Idk but this will be my 3rd week and I’m worried there not coming off yet except for 1 stitch when a dead skin fell off of it. The rest are still in place due to the dried blood when I had guaze bandages wrapped around it during night and morning erections. I really couldn’t clean it cause the doctor wanted me to keep it wrapped until I get back

Bucky85 in reply to SteveWall56


The incision should be healed by now.

I think that it is time for your stitches to come out and to clean off the dried blood.

Check with your doctor.

Hey buddy!! Yes ill say totally normal i had that same issue my NP suggested a mild ointment for me it was A&D its working good...

SteveWall56 in reply to Bj925

Ok thanks!

It looks fine to me just give it time so the swelling goes away completely

SteveWall56 in reply to Pinata5

I have a question, It’s been the third week already since I’ve got my circumcision at Tuesday the 17th and my stitches are still there except for 1. When does it usually come off? One stitch is really anoyying me out.

Those bubbles appear to be lymphoedema.


Circumcision interferes with the flow of lymphatic fluid and causes the fluid to accumulate in the penis. This is a common complication of circumcision. It lasts a long time after the surgery.

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