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Tight foreskin

I'm 15 and I have no trouble when pulling my foreskin back when flaccid but when effect i cant and it feels really tight. I'm sure I could pull if Back when errect but I'm worried that it would get stuck. I've looked into circumcision and it seems like the best option (for hygiene and cosmetic reasons also). What should I do as I don't want to go to my parents about it?

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Try and speak to your gp and he or she might be able to prescribe a cream to loosen the foreskin. Or they might refer you for circumcision. Failing that you can get it don privately but i would recomment telling your mum or dad


Hi JJ15,

It's up to you. I would say if you can get a circumcision done it's worth it.

I had mine done a year ago and I love it, cosmetically it looks so much better and the improvement in hygiene is a big bonus.

You will have to involve your parents because of your age but it's worth getting a referral.


Circumcision should be your last option! Go to your family doctor in confidence that he/she will not tell your parents unless you want. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend discussing the problem with your parents. The fact that they didn't have you circumcised as an infant says they are probably enlightened so they can recommend a good course of action to help you. But at 15, you should not be in too much of a hurry to retract your foreskin as many men are not able to retract it fully until late teens or even early 20s.


Circumcision is surgery on a very delicate part of the body. Don't enter into it lightly. Read our pages about phimosis (tight foreskin) and circumcision.


Hi jj

If your 4skin gets stuck and you can't slide your foreskin over the rim of your glans when erect just sit it out till you go limp. It won't remain stuck there. I am a firm believer in the value of circumcision on both hygiene and cosmetic grounds but you should wait till you are 18


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