19 foreskin tight or normal?

19 foreskin tight or normal?

I'm not sure if foreskin is supposed to retract when erect or not. I've done it once and it was pretty painful. It pulls back when it is soft without too much trouble.

Masturbation is okay, though I can't get too passionate in the action or it makes the foreskin start to hurt. I'm a virgin, and I'm not sure if sex will be painful for me or not. Is my foreskin too tight?

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  • I kno what your exactly going thru bro. I sent you a massage.

  • This is probably the commonest post on this site. 100s of replies are available. Gentle stretching perhaps with the use of a mild steroid cream like hydrocortisone is the way forward. It is likely to settle without the need for surgery

  • I had read through a number of the other posts, but most of them seem to be referring to not being able to retract the skin at all even when soft. I just wasn't sure if it was common or "normal" for the skin to not go back when it is erect. It doesn't give me a ton of problems... just not sure if it will be a problem when I start having sex regularly

  • Know the feeling to well man, Its rather common and there are a lot of things you can do at home to help with the skin retraction.

  • I've tried to slowly pull it back and let the skin get used to it stretching. It hurts, but it seems I can get more of it back than when I first started. I'd say it's loosened up a bit, but still not sure I want to try to pull it all the way back any time soon.

  • I sent you a message man.

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