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Loosening scar tissue after circumcision

Got circumcised 6 weeks ago and all has healed well but there is still some swelling where the stitches were. The doctor said to give more time but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to reduce the swelling or soften the tissue?

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Hi Give it 6 months and see what its like then, you may find it just goes on its own.



That’s what the doctor said! He said to use E45 but I do have eczema lol


Hi Try coconut oil then, its very good for penile skin and its healthy for it.



Circumcision scar

Male circumcision is surgical amputation that removes the erogenous part of the penis. It is a cutting operation and like all cutting operations, it leaves a scar.

All circumcised males have a scar that encircles the shaft of the penis. It frequently is brown in color and noted for the dissimilar tissue on the opposite sides of the scar. The tissue on the side nearest to the body is true skin. The tissue on the side nearest to the tip of the penis is mucosa. There frequently is a sharp color change, resulting in a two-tone penis. When one has dark skin, the effect tends to be more pronounced.

The only way to conceal the scar is by non-surgical foreskin restoration.





Do BIO-OIL from amazon , or in Boots , that does wonders , it did for me ! Im at 5 weeks now i’m applying it and it does make a difference .

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