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Flaky dry itchy skin on scrotum

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I have some white flaky skin near the joining of my penis to the scrotum . It is very itchy. Any one knows what is it ?

Update: Still not gone ! applied clotrimazole causes more itching .

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Could be fungal infection. Use a steroid cream for few days. Keep the area clean and dry.Hope it will be ok

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Steroids worsen fungal infections.

Clotrimazole didn't work

Pic is out of focus so difficult to comment. Could be a variety of issues including chronic lichen simplex , vitiligo with a superimposed dermatitis . A sexual health clinic could do a proper assessment for you. Tinea cruris ( yeast infection ) doesn't usually cause pale skin

Do not start treating the condition until you know what it is!

Coconut oil the nuts for few days if still same see some one good luck that clears multiple bacteria issues and skin infections problems

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the_reaper in reply to Tedboyg

Yea I applied coconut oil , there is visible reduction in flaking and itchiness.

Dunno if this would work for long term though

I have dermatitis flare ups and always after a week or 2 it's gone so if in same relation to that will help if not you will need other things good luck

Ps you could also loss the furry feel down there

Try coconut oil.

Sounds like a fungal infection. Try fugacil cream. It helps with rash, dryness, redness, and itching caused by fungal infections.

Use Clotrimazole which treats fungal infections. Available on Ebay.

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the_reaper in reply to AMR19

Didn't work

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You need to give it a continuous treatment for at least 2 weeks.

That looks like a fungal infection , do a swab of the place to find out what is causing it . In the meantime , keep that as dry as possible .

Did it go away?

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