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Uncircumcised, but my glans look very dry


Hello, I am uncircumcised and the head of my penis has a very wrinkly and dry looking texture. Is there any way I can fix this?

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Use some lubricant like creams or vasilline Otherwise it will mak cracks

Stop using soap to clean the internal parts. Excessive masturbation can also be a cause. Keep your foreskin over the glans.

It looks as though it is starting to keratinize. Do you, by any chance, wear your foreskin retracted most of the time?

The foreskin when in place protects the head and keeps it moist and sensitive.

Arnilly in reply to Bucky85

My foreskin usually covers half of my glans on it’s own, maybe it rolls back throughout the day and I don’t realize. Is there any way I can get my glans looking normal again? And also is there any way I can keep my foreskin from retracting all the time ?

You will need to investigate foreskin restoration to see how to stretch your foreskin.


You may also use a retainer to keep your foreskin in place.

That is the way to get your glans back to normal.

Arnilly in reply to Bucky85

So after observation, my glans only look like they do in the picture just after I have an erection. So when I randomly pull out my penis, the glans look fairly normal. Is this still keratization?

I think so. The foreskin should fully cover the glans penis. If it does not, then the glans penis becomes keratinized (calloused) as self-protection. This is known to cause loss of sensation.

If you want to stop that and reverse the effect, then you need to find some way to keep the foreskin over the glans.

That be by use of some sort of retainer in the short term


and by lengthening your short foreskin by tissue expansion in the same manner as circumcised men restore their foreskins.


If you should decide to do it, it would take you much less time, because you already have a short foreskin.

You may use a tape ring made out of surgical tape around the tip of your foreskin to hold it in place and prevent its retraction.

Try using pure coconut oil.

Excessive masturbation using bad creams soap and lotions can cause this as well as bathing in very hot water. Bath in warm water and put vaseline twice a day it will be fine.

He’s already solved to problem

Forget about this stupid ideas about keratinization makes you less sensitive. Just apply some vaseline to keep it smooth and some baby/castor oil to make it look shiny. And by the way you got the best type of foreskin. Not to tight, neither too loose so nothing to worry about. Sometimes is even emotional. And if you do masturbate, do it nice and slow. Do not grip it too hard like an animal. Do it like someone giving you a hand job with blow added upon it. Hope you all the best

Looks good to me


Use Bio-Oil every day for a few months, also drink plenty of water, most dry skin conditions happen due to lack of hydration. Water helps keep your skin moisturized

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