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Need Advise: Dry glan and dead skin after circumcision

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I was circumcised 3 months ago. Now i know that the glan would be dry and have dead skin because the foreskin (to keep the glan moist) has been removed, and it's normal.

I bath 2 times daily (morning and night) but it only help temporarily.

My question:

1. What do you do with it?

2. Based on your method, do you still need to do it regulary/daily? or you solved the problem once and for all?

3. How dry glan may have affected your sex life? (if it does)

Your reply is much appreciated, Thank You.

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During sex some lubricant will come out from the penis as well as from vagina ,so the dry glans will not remain dry and you will have no problem

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Royallife in reply to Hidden

thanks for the reply

Having no foreskin to protect it, the penis will naturally dry up. This in itself will not be a problem. You can buy lubricant if needed but not essential. I was advised to use cocoa butter occasionally but would like to hear if others have suggestions. Bathing to often can also lead to drying out.

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Royallife in reply to jaglad

thanks, i'm planning to apply body lotion on it, like Vaseline.

First, please note that the word 'glans' is singular, not plural. Every male has only one glans, just as he has only one penis.

Now to answer your questions...

Bathing wont make your permanently exposed glans any softer or more sensitive, as you already know. I'm circumcised just as you are.

What do I do with it? Frankly I make the best of what I have left. A circumcised penis is a crippled penis and there's no going back to the way it was with a foreskin.

A dry glans affects both sexual intercourse AND masturbation. 1. A female needs a soft and sensitive natural penis with its foreskin in her vagina to stimulate her clitoris. This is easy when the man's foreskin is intact. 2. Masturbation without a foreskin is a learning curve at first, and is always lengthy and hard work.


thanks for the reply, and yea my grammar suck haha, because english is not my 1st language, more like 3rd language.

Guess i will have to buy some lotion then....

If English is not your first language, then I applaud you! The only other language I know is schoolboy French, and even that no Frenchman would understand!


it's alright bro...i'm Malaysian, my national language is Malay and my mother tongue language is Chinese.

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Ryanr in reply to Islaywhisky

I just read this and had a little laugh from what I’ve read you’ve said a woman’s clit is on the inside of her vagina you do know it’s on the outside at the top of the vagina don’t you a dry penis won’t in anyway effect her clit 😂

Without the foreskin, the glans will be dry from now on.

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The glans when covered will secret smegma and the surface of the glans will be soft and pinky. Ladies may feel a soft and smooth silky sensation when such glans is inside vagina. The skin while gliding will also likely to stimulate the clitoris.The cercumcised glans will be dry and rough and a bit blackish, supposed to have some friction inside vagina . But actually when both are aroused and excited due to mutual lubrication the actual sexual ecstacy sensations hardly differs whether you are with skin or without skin, because mind is the the sex organ.

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Islaywhisky in reply to Hidden

I beg to differ. The mind interprets a level of ecstasy based upon the interaction of penis and vagina in the act of sexual intercourse. The degree of pleasure experienced by both partners is significantly compromised when the male is circumcised - just as it would be if the female had suffered circumcision (removal of the clitoral hood).

However, you're right about smegma which is a totally natural, healthy and beneficial sebaceous secretion which is present in both sexes. BUT it does need a foreskin to keep its lubricant properties working effectively.


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Experiences vary from person to person.It's debatable whether friction/lubrication or mental excitement brings ecstasy.Both are important but mindset matters. Human body is not a machine.

Circumcision is NEVER a good decision.

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timmyboy20 in reply to CCrippled

Speak for yourself. For me it was a good decision!

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Royallife in reply to CCrippled

I have phimosis....and your NEVER a good decision is BS.

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CharlieR in reply to CCrippled

To be honest I’m coming into nearly two weeks post surgery, it’s the best decision I’ve made in my whole life, different views for different people

I wrote it in other posts, but I keep my glans moist and sensitive by rubbing twice a day some shea butter on it and also after taking a bath/shower. It helps for me. It was a tip I got from an american friend who was of course also circumcised.

The glans penis, which nature intends to be an internal organ, and the interior of the foreskin of the normal, complete penis are not covered with skin. That area is covered with mucosa, which is supposed to be kept moist. When the foreskin is amputated by circumcision, the remaining mucosa dries out and becomes crusty. Moreover, it keratinizes and loses sensation.

The circumcised penis is much harder to masturbate because circumcision tightens the residual shaft skin and destroys the natural gliding action. That is why the circumcised male needs artificial lubrication.

As to what to do with it, the only permanent solution would be to restore your foreskin by non-surgical methods to expand the residual shaft skin into a new foreskin.

Unfortunately, it is a slow process and takes several years of work to make it happen.

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