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Ripped stiches/satures leaving a gap


Hey i did my circumcision on the 3rd of December 2018. When i went for the check-up the doctor found that i have an infection and he gave me antibiotics. The doctor also found that i have ripped stiches/satures at the bottom of my penis in the location of the frenulum. This left a wide gap and the doctor told me i should leave it to heal on its own. Has any one been in the situation i am in and did the wound heal if it did after how long?

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Hey Man! I had my circumcision done 12/11 and two weeks later the back ripped which caused 7 sutures to go with it. I immediately called my Urologist and I met him and we were able to suture it back up. Since my skin was traumatized, the sutures came right out few days later. I went back to him and he said that it's best to allow it heal on it's own. I'm in the process of healing. I visit him this Friday which, will make it 19 days since the sutures initially ripped. I'm slowly healing... It's a long process, but just gotta stay positive.

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Thanks man i will try and stay positive i was even about to give up hope with my healing process.

Mine too bro, underneath the fornulum, do I have to see the doctor too?

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Go to your doctor as an open wound can easily get an infection like mine did.

In the exact same position. Had mine done on the 1st December and there's a gap below where my frenulum WAS. I mean, I don't remember them saying they'd remove my frenunlum but that's my fault for not paying attention. Anyways. Yeah, this "gap" was full of yellow liquid for ages, then it was full of black-ish fluid now it's clear and healing. I don't know whether to let it heal like this or not, because it might look a little ugly but I feel like I've left it too long now already. I can't have any more time off work to get it re-sutured :( What are you gonna do yourself then?


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