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Infection circumcision


I'm on Day 15 post op and this morning I went to doctors to renew my sick note and doctor said I got an infection and I want to know how long will it take to heal and what I need to help heal it

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God.. this looks awful. I can only imagine how it will look when healed. If he gave you antibiotics it will soon go away.

mattyjay in reply to Clutonny

She gave some antibotics and did a swab of the infected area i got to phone the doctor in a few days to get results and might have different antibotics

Infection is a common complication of circumcision. It looks as though you have a mess.

Antibiotics are indicated for treatment of infection.

It looks as though you penis is covered with slime. Could you clean it up with salt water?

mattyjay in reply to Bucky85

ive been putting it in salt water and dabbing it to clean it

Bucky85 in reply to mattyjay

That should work.

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