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Ripped a stitch(circumcision)

Hey so I got circumcised 10 days ago and everything was going good until the 9th day I felt a sting by where the fernum use to be. As I got home that night I realize there was blood scab at the area where it stung and It looks like I ripped one of the stitches. I was wondering if this will heal if I leave it alone or should I go get it checked out

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It should be ok if it's only 1 stitch as long as it's not gaping open and should heal itself.

Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get infected and see your doctor if it doesn't look to be sorting itself out.

I had my opinion 15 days ago and had the stitches removed today as they were making things really uncomfortable.

Feels much better now they're out.

You ok after op other than the rogue stitch?


Thanks this makes me feel a little better. Yes everything went well the swelling went down significantly just a little but more to go on the bottom left side. I see all ends of the stitches sticking out. So hopefully I can get them removed soon because late night erections are still really tight and annoying

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Hey guys. I wanted to ask about what you said daz, about there being a gap where the stitches come off. A couple days ago one of the stitches came off, due to an erection I think. Now if I pull back on it a bit I notice that it's not connected where the stitches used to be. Is that normal or is it supposed to stay connected when it heals? I told my urologist and he said it was normal. And I talked to a nurse who said it seemed to be healing fine. But I'm not sure still. Am I overthinking it and it's fine or should I go back to my urologist or see my GP?


If it's just 1 stitch then it should come together as it heals.

As long as there's no bleeding or signs of infection it will be fine.

However, if you have any worries then you should visit your doctor to put your mind at rest.

I had my dissolvable stitches taken out on Friday as they were causing me severe discomfort. Much better since.

Pics in link below. What do you think?


So everything seem to be fine the spot where my stitch ripped has a really small scab that seems to be healing and most of the other stitches are falling out by day 14


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