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Basically i have pinhole phimosis. It doesn't hurt and i can have sex with and without a condom. However i do need to use lube when not using a condom.

It never hurts and i don't have an issue with peeing or anything and i enjoy both sex and masturbation.

The only thing i'm worried about is when a girl sees it for the first time will they be put off, or will they even notice?

it is very obvious i have pinhole phimosis but i just wanted to know if i should do anything about it.

i have tried stretching and it doesn't work for me.

My question to you all is, should i do anything or leave it be? not saying it will get any better, just saying it wont get worse in my case.

Thanks a lot for your time!

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If it works and causes no problems, no harm will come from leaving it as is. You can get to retract by stretching but it will take dedication and time.

thanks man

If you decide to loosen it. go to for personal coaching.

Circumcision ?

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Samsauce in reply to Wiza

still unsure

If any future woman you meet rejects you just because of this, then consider yourself lucky that such a shallow person is no longer in your life!

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Samsauce in reply to BexyBoy

thanks a lot, really appreciate the support

Yes you are right in a way... It will not cause you any problem but ur female partner satification can be a problem if ur the skin is not retracting that will obstruct the glans to open up... This may sound a small problem but dear this is main reason of divorce after marriage .

An doctor Proper consultantation is required in ur case

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Samsauce in reply to Allone

how will it affect a womans pleasure

Hi Samsauce:

Phimosis is a condition, not a disease, so you can live with phimosis for your entire life, have sex, father children, and so on.

You may clean non-retractile foreskin with a rubber-bulb ear syringe. Just fill the syringe with lukewarm water and squirt it into the foreskin.

Here is a report from a man who said he had pinhole phimosis and did stretch his foreskin but it took him about six months.

You could look into preputioplasty to see if it would work for you.

Circumcision is the last, worst choice. It takes off about 15 square inches of highly-innervated erogenous tissue, so many men are unhappy with the results, which cannot be reversed.

Your condition is not likely to get worse, so I think you are safe in remaining as you are.

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Samsauce in reply to Bucky85

thanks a lot, ill take a look

You should have no problem and I doubt if any normal female would notice or care. Do keep up with stretching and consider steroid creams. But be aware that it could pull back unexpectedly during unprotected sex and may need some persuasion to return to normal.

Consider surgery as a last resort, but to be honest you have answered your own question. It not really broke so don't try and fix it !

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Samsauce in reply to jaglad

thats true i guess, thanks a lot

Pinhole phimosis is easily cured with flesh tunnels from

i go take a look, cheers

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