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Phimosis problem


I am 25 years old. I think i have a problem of phimosis. My question is: is it notmal during sex ? Or it will effect my sexual life after i get married. Note that i can masturbate normally and i can draw it back and clean it when there is no erection. So i just need a few clarification will it hurt me during sex or it will be notmal and it will enter normally.


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All you need is some streching exercices while showering. Do not preoccupy yourself for nothing if you can masturbate without problems it is highly unlikely that you will have problems during sexual intercourse. One thing which is important never use any creams that were prescribed for somone else. Medical practitioners only prescribe medicines after they evaluate the situation personally. If something was prescribed for another person it does not mean that is also good for you.

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So do you thank that pennis that has phimosis can enter the female genital without feeling any pain?

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Yes you may have sex without any problems however you still need to do the stretching exercises to improve in this sense.

Usually by 25, it should retract with erections. Stretching will fix it permanently. Go to, state your case, and you’ll get expert help.

It will make no difference to you having sex, indeed for me I felt it was more intense before I was circ'd.

One thing to mention if you have sex without a condom the skin may pull back by itself. This happened to me and it did feel very tight and took some persuading to pull back up. It did not detract from the sex just something to be aware of.

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Bro thanks for yout reply. But my case is that the forskin can not go behind the glans during erection no matter what. So how do u say that it will go back behind the galns by itself ? Becouse when i am trying to pull it back i feel pain.

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I could not pull back when masturbating, but on one of the first occasions I had sex without a condom the skin pulled back whilst I was actually having sex. I did not pull it, it just happened.


Try and you will feel if there is any problem

I think the question is, "will it hurt during sex?"

I would say that depends on how tight it is. If the foreskin is so tight that it cannot retract then it won't hurt.

On the other hand, it is just semi-tight and can be forced back, it will be very tight on the penis and that will hurt. Since you can retract when flaccid, it sounds as though you are only semi-tight.

The answer is to stretch the narrow part until you can retract without pain when erect..

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