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What’s the best way to fix a penis curved to the side

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I’m 16 years old and whenever I get a boner my penis curves to the right side. I have been searching of ways to fix this, and found a site called unbend.me, this is how it works:

“Over time, the UnBend.me device will exert a gentle stretch to your penis which will result in painless, microscopic tears along the shaft of the penis. As these tears occur, your body will begin to naturally repair the penis at the cellular level, a biological process known as mitosis and cytokenesis. This biological process is the division and multiplication of cells which will re-form the penile tissue in the direction that the tension has been exerted, which will counter and correct the existing penile curvature.”

I’m wondering if this would be a safe way to fix the curvature and if so should I do it now while I’m still young? I’ve heard you can get it fixed with surgery but I also heard you can lose a bit of length which I don’t want happening. Thanks.

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Honestly it depends with how badly your penis is bending, in most causes it’s actually a normal thing and majority of guys have a slightly bend penis including myself; however if you’re not sure you might wanna check in with your doctor just incase it’s something serious or if it’s causing any pain to you

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peter87 in reply to driz

It’s bending more than normal, and I am experiencing no pain.

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try check in with your doctor if you’re really concerned...

another reason to having a bent penis is the way you let it rest when you are wearing your boxers... for example most of the time i’d keep my penis facing up this in the long run made me have a bent penis that faces up, others have it to the side, downwards and so on..

i also thought of fixing mine but with time i just accepted that it’s actually normal...

you can try change the position of it during the day. it might help reduce the bending.. e.g since it’s bent a lot towards the right, rest it towards the left more

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driz in reply to driz

but if you’re not feeling any pain during erections or any sexual intercourse i think you should be on the safe side and it’s just a minor problem with how you usually rest your penis

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peter87 in reply to driz

Alright, thank you

I once saw a posting on Patient Access where a contributor said he'd straightened himself using the waves from a sonic toothbrush!

Is this something you could ask your dad about ?

I would definitely see a doctor rather than take advice or buy corrective devices over the internet ~you might do yourself more harm.

I don't know if you need your parents' permission to access the doctor ?

At 16 you are not fully grown so if there is anything medically which needs doing it would probably be wise to get it done now, then grow to adulthood, rather than the other way around.

You may have a form of acquired peyronie's disease. Go see a doctor.

Do you have a foreskin if so is it tight can you retract it some times if its tight it gives it a bend

try jerking off with your left hand now and not the right one... sorry.

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