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Day 68 post circumcision


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Hi guys, been a while. Just thought I’d share the current scenario which hasn’t barely changed since last time!

Feedback obviously welcome, to those going through the process early days if you need advice send me a message! But hang in there no matter how much you may feel you’ll regret it to begin with! These forum posts got me through it and it will to you too!

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I don't see anything wrong

Your dick looks really good. Wish I had such a good result. You should feel extremely lucky. Thanks for coming back and sharing your experience

Always come back now and again! I was super lucky I agree! Everyone will soon pull through although the first two weeks can be truly horrendous

I agree but I definitely think somethings up with mine so it really sucks I thought I was gonna have a smooth recovery!!

If you need advice or feedback on how it’s looking chuck me a message or notify me when you’ve put a post up

It looks very good! The frenulum side is still a bit swollen but that's normal. It took me more than half a year before everything went smooth again. How about the sensitivity of the glans? Is it better now or still extremely sensitive? Btw, congrats for joining the club!

Cheers Timmy! The sensitivity was only an issue for about two and a half weeks, after that it adjusted pretty damn quickly!! Yeah I read it’ll take a long time for that to calm down like the rest, it seems to be doing okay so long as it’s healing it’s great!

Mine seems smaller now, but healed after 20 weeks. At 72 years I’m happy with what I’ve got and it still carries out one of its functions.

Best decision I’ve ever made!

Looks good. Give it time.

Cheers bro

Carefull, the anti-circumcision activists that roam on this board are not going to be happy with your positive post and results...

They can suck my circumcised dick bro. Absolute tossers the lot of them

I am glad it worked out all well for you. I had mine yesterday. It was going well until I woke up this morning with some blood in the bed sheet, scared the crap out of me. But looks like it’s normal for some bleeding as I might have had an erection who lost sleeping. Changed my band aid this morning and haven’t bled all day. Now there is obviously the sensitivity. Luckily I off work till Sunday. What would you recommend as a care going forward both for the wound healing and dealing with sensitivity. From Monday I will have to report at work wearing suit so hoping to have some progress before then. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Good to hear you joined the club! My recommendation is to salt bath from about day 4-6 once or twice a day to promote overall healing and to adjust to warmer temperatures which helps with sensitivity. My big recommendation is for some Vaseline around the gland and wear some loose underwear. For the first three days you’ll feel down and feel regretful but soon as it adjusts it’s the best feeling ever!!!

Just keep doing salt baths until the stitches eventually go! Mine didn’t completely go until a month after op! When they come super loose pull the shaft skin back a bit and put Vaseline across the stitches when you wake up and when you sleep it works miracles as it won’t feel tight and painful!

If you need anything else message me

Thank you so much for your advice. I used some Sudo cream on my brief so I could sleep very easily all night without any pain. Hope that is ok. Day three today so will take the dressing off. Probably bath tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how the wound is.

Sorry for now replying but yes you should be safe with that and regular sea salt baths will be great for healing the wound

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Did you use anything for the scaring?


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