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Circumcision stitches


Its been three weeks after circumcision. The stitches havent dissolved yet and the swelling is still there. Is everything normal? How much time it will take for the stitches to dissolve?

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Mine started falling out around day 14/15 but everyone is different. Have you gone for your follow up they might take them out for you?

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No i didnt went to the follow up since one week.

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Will it hurt if they take the stitches out??

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Stitches, if they are that kind, will dissolve by themselves and no need to take them out. They dissolve based on the chemicals that your body releases during healing. However if you feel like it is constraining you somehow you can go to your doctor and ask him or the nurse to take them out. I would not take them out yourself as A) the doctor might find that they still need to be in and B) you might hurt yourself. If uncertain, visit your doc that did the procedure.

Yes swelling of the area where the stitches are (all around the penis) can take weeks, even sometimes months to go completely away.

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Thank you!

It might sting. Just be patient.

I should let them take out because otherwise you'll get ugly stitch tunnels. I don't think you gonna like it.

After week two, I bathed for like 40 mins at a time to get rid of the stitches.

I used magnesium flakes in the water with emollient bath oil.

Every time the water would cool, I’d just empty a bit and add hot.

Watched Netflix in the bath. Was amazing!!

I remember pulling stitches out up to five weeks after. Don't panic.

You’ve got nothing to worry about mine still had not dissolved by week 6 also some may not dissolve which you can either pull out yourself or go to your doctors and let the nurse pull them out for you.

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