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Swelling 44 days after Circumcision


So It’s been 44 days since my Circumcision due to phimosis, and the healing isn’t going away as fast as I would like. I went to the urologist two weeks after surgery and he said it was healing very well. I’m concerned because as you can see there is still swelling. The last two stitches fell out about two weeks ago. Any opinions or advice? My next urologist appointment is on Monday.

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I will try that. Thank you!!

Hi Danny,

I have very similar raised lumps around the left hand side of my scar line I’m about 2 weeks post op. Have you noticed that they go down at all? Ok not really happy with mine as I don’t actually think it’s due to swelling seen a few people on here with the same thing. I think there is something they can do though I see a guy on reddit wth the same thing and he said he went to a dermatologist and he numbed the area and just cut the lumps off (domestic take the same recovery as what you have already been through!)

Are the lumps painful when you masterbate or have sex at all?

Hi everyone is different as regards to swelling mine looked exactly the same I cant see anything wrong it doesn’t look infected it looks like it’s healing well. Scaring does take a wile to settle I’m 12 months in and the scarring has just about settled but I do still have a few holes where the stitches were.


Hi can you please tell me how is the situation now? Did the lumps go away and if they did how long did it take? I am in the same situation right now 3 weeks after circumsision..

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