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Erection and ejaculation issues


Hi everyone, I've just joined this community and wanted to ask a few questions pertaining to my sexual dysfunctions. I'm 27 years old and I'm a lot less sexually active than I'd like. I had surgery on an undescended testicle at 4 years old, it's now non functional but in the right spot. So, that leaves one functioning. I have problems with ejaculating, whereas, sometimes there's no semen, other times there's lots but most of the time there's no orgasm/sensation at all. During intercourse, I have an extremely difficult time maintaining erections and I ejaculate in mere seconds, sometimes while still flaccid. I think the PE during intercourse is due to higher stimulation levels, however there's still no orgasmic feeling whatsoever in most cases. Furthermore, if my penis stops being stimulated for less than 30 seconds, I lose my erection and it's even more difficult to get it back. Strangely, when I'm masturbating alone, I don't have erection issues, but the lack of orgasm post-ejaculation is still present. Has anyone else experienced these sorts of things themselves and could they provide any advice?

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Similar experience.

About three years ago, one saturday morning, everything was working normally. Well I had a slight tightening of the frenulum which caused a little momentary discomfort but apart from that everything was functioning fine sexually, both from a physical and a sensation point of view.

That afternoon I had a frenuloplasty to lengthen the frenulum. Seemed to go okay, I wasn’t worried in any way. I waiting the stipulated six weeks recuperation time, and followed the cleaning procedures to the letter before attempting any form of sexual acts.

But when I tried everything was wrong, it wasn’t working properly any more. This is what I experienced, and what I still experience today.

Touch, even oral by my partner seem muted and dull, remote even.

Orgasm happens but has lost that high, each one feels like a ruined-orgasm.

The quantity of ejaculate has reduced significantly and sometimes comes out really thick, like a small ball of gel.

The ejaculation has lost it’s force, whatever ejaculate is produced dribbles out rather than spurts.

And the ejulation is delayed - so I will experience the organasm and then there is a noticeable delay, sometimes 2 or 3 seconds before the ejaculate appears.

I have been told by the GP and the urologist that the frenuloplasty could not have caused this and that it is all in my mind.

But I don’t really buy this, for two reasons. Firstly, the change was not gradual but like a switch being thrown - working fine hours before the frenuloplasty, broken afterwards. And secondly, I had no reason to be worried, I wasn’t traumatised by the surgery and and far as I was concerned it had all worked successfully. Some months later I did realise that the frenuloplasty had not been successful in lengthing my frenulum, but even then I wasn’t upset because it was no different to before I had the procedure.

So I think that the frenuloplasty caused nerve damage, which ‘broke’ the sexual functioning of my penis, but the medical profession keep telling me that isn’t possible and that it is all in my mind.



Omg. I did not know the full effect of that frenuloplasty. I’m so sorry to hear. What can you do about it?

I’m due for surgery on Thursday and I will receive a full circumcision and frenuloplasty but your story really scares me but unfortunately I don’t have the choice because it is damaged and needs work on.

I hope this does not happen.

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