Problem maintaining erection

I am a 51 year old non smoking, quit 4 years ago, male. I have no underlying medical conditions, hardly drink alcohol and consider myself relatively fit.

My problem is that I find it difficult to maintain an erection, during intercourse alls well for the first 5-10 mins then I lose my erection, this can happen a couple of times then I just lose interest. I have tried viagra but to no avail, just gives me a headache.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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  • Hi Rizla

    Viagra isn't the best - try Cialis 20 mg. Not a cheap alternative but far superior. Relaxation is important too and trying not to worry or becoming anxious about how long your erection will last. Definitely try this ED drug - also it's effects last much, much longer.

  • Your right, the more it happens the more I worry so the more I worry the more it happens, never ending circle. Thanks to everyone for their input and I shall certainly take it all on board

  • If Viagra is not working you problem may well be due to you worrying about it to much. Try and indulge in elongated foreplay and not make full sex a target. I went through a similar period a couple of years ago myself and occasionally still do. I am now 53. At that time Viagra did work for me but to avoid over use we also used a 'penis extender' bought from an online sex toy company. This is basically a thick condom and it meant we could still have penetrative sex, and my Wife quite enjoyed it. Though she would not admit it at first ! Worrying does not help. Good Luck.

  • Have you had your medical for diabetes etc. Viagra usually gives the best intense effect, although the "window of opportunity" is shorter than Cialis. Certainly worth trying other drugs though and bear in mind that it takes a while for these drugs to build up their full effect. So you should try at least 8 tablets in total at the full dose of 100mg.

  • Had bloods done, all normal

  • so have you tried Viagra full dose for several "doses"

  • Don't really understand what you mean by several doses, am I supposed to be taking it constantly through the time of 'activities'

  • The second dose will be more effective than the first and so on until you plateau at your maximum effect. Often this will take a month or so or 6-8 doses.The other option is taking Cialis 5mg every day

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