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Day 6 post circumcision

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Hi guys! After finishing my first salt bath today which was a new experience, when I looked on the underside I didn't realise how black this was etc!!

I can walk a little better using a pad in boxer briefs although stairs are very difficult still etc

Is this a simple clean odd with a cotton bud or does this naturally go in its own time as I don't wanna touch it just in case aha!

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It will go over time. Gentle washing with salt water, I would not touch it just yet. take painkillers if necessary.

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Curlyboi1998 in reply to jaglad

Cheers mate! I take the odd tablet just to ensure the progress is being made!

In terms of gentle washing just have regular salt baths etc but not directly touch it? Came here as I thought it looks sensitive etc aha

That's fine mate, really tidy, really neat line & no major scabbing or oozing. Don't try to remove that scab as I had the same thing, tried removing it and it was the most painful thing I have ever felt. I dont mean to scare you as it may be different for each person but personally I'd leave that area alone and the salt baths will gradually break down the blood.

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Curlyboi1998 in reply to M4rr15

Thank you buddy! Exactly why I took to this platform before doing anything aha! Didn't wanna risk it! So is the brown ish colour stuff like dried up blood etc?

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M4rr15 in reply to Curlyboi1998

Yes mate, possibly a bit of cauterised (burnt) skin as well, they do that to stem the bleeding in certain areas. The salt bathes will break the clots down & wash it away, just be gentle.

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Curlyboi1998 in reply to M4rr15

Cheers pal! I'm not gonna personally touch that area intentionally full stop, I'm gonna gonna have a salt bath or two a day/swirling my penis in a cup with the same solution and let that hopefully over the next week or two do it's trick

Keep up with the salt baths and let the air get to the area.

It will eventually go away on its own.

It looks like it’s healing well.

How are you finding it so far?

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Cheers mate! I do between 1-2 a day now just not wanting to overdue it ofc! And I'm glad it will just really wasn't wanting to interrupt it aha!

It's a bit of a mix mate, only yesterday I could barely wear under with s pad within it, stitches are a right pain in the ass and being bed bound whilst an active guy really depresses me!

The dark spots look like dried blood.

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Curlyboi1998 in reply to Bucky85

Is that something that will naturally come out when the stitches do/get washed in a salt bath?

Yes, I would think so.